The Unknown Great Games Catalog

Games that 99% of gamers have never played, but are awesome nonetheless.

List items

  • First played a demo of this on a disc of Playstation Underground. Awesome 2-player game for anyone that liked the concept of Spy vs. Spy.

  • One of the coolest strategy games of the nineties. Cyberpunk at it's finest.

  • One of the last games to come out for the Dreamcast. Incidentally, it was also one of the 10 best games the system had to offer. Mario Party meets American Gladiators meets Hawaii. It's awesome.

  • A financial sim where you buy and sell stocks all while trying to keep your woman happy with all those material things women love. Definitely a curve ball in the NES lineup.

  • Would you believe this was one of the first games that had any kind of open world/sandbox qualities to it?

  • One of the most fun arcade games I have ever played. Everything about this game was different: the controls, the play style, the gameplay. If you ever lucked out and got to play this game too, you know what I'm talking about.

  • Really fun puzzle game that pits two players against each other.

  • One of the coolest games ever. Seriously.

  • The best strategy-sim I've played to date. Was hoping Pocket Planes on iOS would be sort of a reboot of this, but it wasn't.