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PRIESTESSMOTHRA'S Cutest Game of the year list 2013 edition


games that came out this year remembered and listed in ascending order of least fond to most fond at the end of the year. creepy!!!

List items

  • New Leaf is a game that I had such a specific laborious, painful, and wonderful time with that I really can't imagine experiencing it in any other way or time in my life. All I know is that Margie was the dopest elephant ever to grace the unworthy plains of MothCity, and she will be sorely, sorely missed.

  • okay so real talk, Legend of Zelda games are always fascinating to me in that I REALLY adore the atmosphere and music that they have, but I actually hold zero interest in playing them probably because I never actually grew up with them. Whatever, somehow this was an exception and, wow, i guess that's a nice surprise because I ended up spending a lot of time with A Link Between Worlds. I can't even articulate why I enjoyed this game as much as I did, it just kind of happened so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    oh and it's a really cool game too, but


  • I think I ended up relating to Gone Home in ways that most people didn't. Not to say like wow look at me I'm so special, it's just that a lot of specific stuff got my sad emotions going real bad in ways that I wasn't expecting. I didn't find the story to be ~so overwhelmingly compelling and upsetting~ (although it is real good), neither did the 1990s aesthetic touch me emotionally. I just found that a lot of this game's subject matter related to life misery in a very abstract way. Like gender-dysphoric person who had a majorly shit abusive childhood sort of way. idk this isn't the time nor the place to discuss these things but it is what it is and I'm happy that I played Gone Home.

    also games that aren't about heterosexual men oh my gosh yes

  • yeah so you know that thing where I was all like "this new Zelda game is kind of amazing"


    I think Ittle Dew is amazing-er??? or at least I enjoyed my time with it more?! To start off the art is absolutely GORGEOUS, the character design and tilesets genuinely made me flap about on the floor out of admiration because oh gOD PRETTY. The puzzles are great, and awwwwww thy did that thing where there are multiple ways to solve puzzles/finish the game and it's ~not super obnoxious~!!!

    I think this is about £6 so, uh, if you want a Zelda-like game that's real short, real cheap, and is super charismatic then I will actually buy it for you and come over your house and make you some green tea and cover you in a blanket and cuddle you while you play it.

  • hey

    it's pokemon

    but now I can dress up my trainer

    and give pokemon silly names and send them to random people

    like that geodude that I caught and called Silly Rock

    cool as fuckkkkkkkkkkk

  • Gosh, I spent an unhealthy amount of time playing Rayman Legends last September. I'm pretty sure two whole weekends where devoured by my quest to get 100%, which I found irrationally satisfying.

    tbh, this game is just wonderful. like, the art, the soundtrack, the weird musical levels, the time trial challenges, the weird fucking advert they released with Snoop Dogg last week, and the controls feel S O F U C K I N G G O O D. (i really love this game)