My Game Farmlands On Kickstarter

Farmlands Collage
Farmlands Collage

Hello Again,

I recently signed my Indie game Farmlands up for Kickstarter in the hopes of raising some extra money for polishing it. (Also if you give 20 dollars it is basically like prepurchasing the game but you get your name in the credits as well!)

Here is the link:

Here is my story on Kickstarter:

My name is Greg Chudecke and I am a Indie (Independent) Game Developer. This is my story:
I have always dreamed of starting my own game company. So when my son was born almost two years ago I thought, "Well it is now or never. Once he is in school I won't have time for such adventures." So I quit my job and moved in with my in laws! I now live 3 hours away from Seattle in small town Randle Wa. We made the move so we could save some money and have someone to watch my son while I work. In the meantime my wife has been working at the local lumber Mill to support us.

Fast forward to today a few months from launch. We have spent about every penny we owned, double mortgaged my old Condo and now have a new baby!

So our funds are extremely tight as you can imagine and I am worried that I will have to cut some of the polish and features to get this game shipped sooner. This is where you can help.

I am hoping to raise enough funds to finish my project with the polish level it deserves. In exchange I will be offering copies of the game (for a 20 dollar or greater donation) as well as a mention in the credits (5 dollars or greater donation) when it is completed.

You can find more info as well as screen shots (a year old now) at

Here is a more updated screen shot of the gameplay:
I have a Blog running at which is also a social network for gamers and Indie game developers.

So that is it in a nutshell. I put some info on the game below. I'll post updates on here as well.

Thanks so much for your time!

Greg Chudecke