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Fun, but ultimately a flawed and disappointing game 1

I really don't know what to say about Samba de Amigo.A part of me wanted to just become obsessed with the game. I played the original Dreamcast version and had one heck of a laugh with it. The downloadable content kept bringing me back, but more than that, it was the lure of improvement. To keep practising and improving so that I could work through the hard and very hard songs and know that I was getting pretty good at shaking those maracas. It was the first 'musical instrument' based game I eve...

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A Really Immersive Experience 0

My favourite type of games are the ones that completely immerse you. This isn’t limited strictly to role playing games, as most games feature an element of fantasy, but it is a key trait of gaming that keeps me coming back for more. Whatever gaming world I enter into next is almost irrelevant as the role I take on changes within each gaming dimension. Some games are more than just an interactive world and compelling storytelling. Some games immerse you in a different way, where you feel physical...

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This is NOT Representative of Fable 2 0

Firstly, I decided to write this review of the Fable 2 Pub Games because of all the complaining that the Pub Games have put people off Fable 2 to the extent people are cancelling their pre-order. The Fable 2 Pub Games are made by a separate company to Lionhead head called Carbonated Games. These are the same people that created Uno for the Xbox Live Arcade. Admittedly, it isn't particularly smart for Lionhead to associate their next up and coming game with an Arcade game that has been scoring ne...

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The Nintendo Gym 1

Being one of those stereotypical overweight gamers with pale skin and a fear of the outside world, I have always been interested in the Nintendo Wii as an aid to general fitness and as a weight loss tool. I have read a few articles on-line about similar gamers using Wii Sports, and now Wii Fit, to lose weight and tone up their shameful looking bodies and it all seemed very promising. Have fun and become buff in the comfort of your home? Sounds good to me!I have now been 'playing' Wii Fit for abo...

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