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Looking Hazy 2

The review says it must be 100 words but really i find it impossible to find 100 words to describe this game. Its just bad the story is lack luster and the gameplay is slow and buggy. Just the core gaming experience really blows so other then the words Ive written i think i can find 2 that truly describe it Total Garbage!...

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Kept You Waiting Huh? 0

After waiting several years for this game it was definitely worth it. The game stunning visuals and in depth cut scenes make it a joy to sit down and play. The plot is so involving sometimes you lose track of time. All of your metal gear solid questions are definitely answered in this installment of metal gear. The game play itself is quite good the fact that you can go through the whole game without even killing anyone. Its the best of the series in my opinion and i love the online portion of t...

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