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  • Cav829 posted a message in the forum topic Top 20 Anime of the Century ... tell me yours!. on the Anime board

    Whew boy. Saw this late. Glad to see the love for Haibane Renmei in particular.Certain parts of my rankings change all the time, so everything from like.... 5 through 15 is flexible. I'm going to refe...

  • Cav829 posted a message on the post Doom Eternal Review.

    Glad to see a review from the Doom expert himself here. I've had a real roller coaster of an experience with the game, and four stars feels about right (I'm one level from the end now). I really do ad...

  • Cav829 posted a message on the post 612: Two Two Tacos.

    @ironham: You mean the game with a User Score of 5.1 on Metacritic? I haven't played it, so I have no personal opinion on it, but to act like there is some set hive-mind opinion of that game is pretty...