My Personal Top 10 Games of 2011

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  • Skyrim was like a gaming revolution for me. Not only did it do almost everything incredibly well but it has and will continue to keep me enthralled in its world. With endless quests to go on this is my home away from home. High quality graphics and sound really help bring out the world. You can explore forever and always find something new and that is how you make a video game!

  • Saints Row: The Third is funny, fun and smooth. Everything goes together really well at a great pace that keeps you wanting more. With its crazy characters and great setting that makes it so believable its no wonder this is one of my top 10 games of 2011!

  • First off this game looks gorgeous! Second of all the combat is really solid and fun especially after the patch. The world is well realized and the quests and characters you meet along the way will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more. This is a great RPG and even better than the first!

  • So glad this game turned out good. Not only is the combat or lack of combat if you choose to go that route satisfying but it does a good job in capturing the feel for the original game. The atmosphere really makes the game for me humans against cybernetics is always a great tale to tell. Questions in morality and the ending (hated by some loved by others) really made this game memorable.

  • The first one was great, this one is even better. With bigger enemies to fight and more super powered friends or enemies to make this one is an exciting ps3 exclusive no ps3 owner should miss. Only one question blue lightning or red lighting?

  • This is coming from someone who hates MMORPGS. I love this game, and I really have the high quality to thank for it. Fun combat along with just a fantastic storyline makes this one of the most memorable Star Wars games to date and one of the only MMORPGS where story actually matters.

  • This is the best in the series. It has a simply fantastic campaign that goes deeper into each character and had a REAL ending. Combat feels good and multiplayer is a blast. There is so much to do in this game it would be hard to ever really finish.

  • What a great surprise when a $15 game can compete with $60 games. The graphics, music and story all make this a very enjoyable game. If you have not gotten to experience this yet your really missing out. Combat is great and the pacing is just perfect.

  • It is more Forza but there is a reason why Forza is the best racing game around. Tons of cars, amazing looking graphics, fun tracks and a great system to keep you motivated to keep going. My goal? To beat every event!

  • Nintendo does it again with another amazing Zelda game. While the series has suffered a little fatigue it is not enough to really make a difference. The origin story of Zelda is an exciting one and I honestly think one of the freshest takes on Zelda in years!