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Super Meat Boy fan art

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Just some simple fan art for the video game  Super Meat Boy. This drawing depicts Meat Boy and Brownie in the racing level at the end of Chapter 3.
The development team behind this game (Team Meat) even saw my drawing and said it was awesome, so that made me feel good :P haha

So this game is available now on 360 for $10 (Go buy it!) until November, when the sale will end. Also coming to Wii, PC and Mac later this year.

Also play the original Meat Boy Flash game:

Check out my art blog: Dracula is Still a Threat.

Illustrated by Paul Scott
Done October 2010. 

Two Sprites One Pipe


So I finished my first Flash animation that I made for a final project in school, and thought I share it with y'all.
This took about a month to make, from storyboards, script and character design to the final product.
Made this with my buddy Tom, we must have done at least 50 hours of Flash work this week alone. Finished yesterday, about 1 hour before class ended. Just putting in some finishing touches. I am very pleased with my first attempt at this. Flash is very annoying software, it has quite a few limitations, plus the constant crashing..
And there is some lag in the end credits for some unknown reason.. :(

We also have a blog on our progress: World 1-1 Productions

I handled most of the character design and animation, while Tom handled most of the script, sound and level design. I'd say doing the script, thumbnails, storyboards, drawing and creating characters and elements in 3 weeks and the whole animation in 1 wasn't the best idea. Still turned out pretty rad though..

You can check out our personal art blogs as well.

My Blog: Dracula is Still a Threat
Tom's Blog: Deadly Designs
btw the Music credits are slightly off, first 2 have the album name instead of the artist name.
Here are the artists and songs:
Glomag - "The Ecstasy of Gold"
Animal Style - "Cyboshellfish"
Linde - "Galileon"