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Best of 2010

ChillyUK7: Best of 2010

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  • This is the perfect combination of great game-play, a believable world, unflinching immersion and top notch characters. From classic shootouts to simply riding your horse across the beautifully crafted landscape, nothing beats this masterclass in gaming.

  • When it comes to immersion this game is only beat by the great Red Dead Redemption, an open world game with a focused narrative and mission structure which made for some great mobster moments, it's hard to beat tearing shit up with Tommy guns a blaze.

  • A brilliant throwback to a classic genre, I wasn't blinded with nostalgia however as exploring this world and laying waste to demons and angels alike never ceased to keep me entertained, not to mention the main character was suitably badass, well his name is War.

  • A return to form and an almost perfection of the multi-player formula that Treyarch and Infinity Ward have been crafting all these years, I didn't want many overhalls to the formula just refinements and that's exactly what ive got, shame Ive grown tired of the single player.

  • The first Halo game in years that Ive really enjoyed, the single player offered a campaign Ive been dying for since CE, it was an all out war against the Covenant and only the Covenant. The multi-player is great, getting better at the game is more obvious than most and there are more weapons I can work with this time around, unfortunately too many needless frustrating design choices held it back.

  • The feeling of exploration and freedom while maintaining some of the best RPG elements this gen is a feat New Vegas pulls off with style for the most part, the bugs are numerous but they haven't been able to stop me from enjoying this fantastic RPG, also I love iron sights!, ehm...

  • The multi-player on Bad Company 2 portray very intense, very realistic battles, fighting to control areas feels more relevant, no ones running around like headless chickens, their hold up in buildings defending an area or flanking an entrenched enemy. You can contribute to the game not only by getting kills but by supporting other team mates. Even with all of this I simply didn't enjoy the game as much as others this year.

  • From the first few levels of Mass Effect 2 I knew the refinements to the controls and engine were more than worth it. Not to mention some great characters that are as interesting as they are deadly. Mass Effect 2 was streamlined a little too much. It straddled the line of linearity but is a great Sci-Fi RPG nonetheless.

  • While I have played relatively little of StarCraft 2 I can say that it has re awakened my love for RTS, the accessibility but deceptive depth are what I love about this game.

  • Skate 3 is what I like to call a f**k around game and it is a ton of fun to f**k around in Skate 3. Its a very chilled out and fun experience to just ride around in Skate 3, not to mention the control scheme made famous in Skate 1 still rains supreme with slight changes that allows more tricks to be available.