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Hook is a very underrated movie

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One more adventure(No spoilers) 0

Story and CharactersWithout giving anything away this is the best Uncharted story by a long shot. I would compare it to the road trip style storytelling of the Last of Us meeting Uncharted storytelling. Sam Drake is a very interesting character and he is a fun companion on the treasure hunt. We see a more human side to Nathan Drake that we have not seen before. And the villain duo Rafe and Nadine are well acted by Warren Kole and Laura Bailey.Gameplay and GraphicsThis is an more open Uncharted ...

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Fallout 4 Review 0

Story-The beginning is set before the bombs fell. and i wish that was explored more. But the story itself is a major improvement over Fallout 3 but New Vegas is still better told storyFactions- One of the nice things about this game is that the brought back the faction system from New Vegas and they are less black and white and more shades of gray.Companions- They can get away but they are fun, have interesting stories, and can't dieCombat-Yay! It feels like a shooter this time.Ending-Fallout Ne...

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Tales of the Abyss review 0

Story: It is very much a Tales game in that i just throws you into the world leaving you to figure out how it works and the character motivations feel like it belongs in a Tales game. The idea of knowing your own fate is an interesting idea, but it is done so with so much needless filler, and character action from some of the hero's just feel cruel(We will get to the Designated Hero soon)Gameplay: When you get the ability to run anywhere in the battlefield the game turns into easy mode especial...

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The real Fallout 3 0

Story- Its Obsidian many of whom who worked on Fallout 1 and 2 so of course the story is amazing. There are a ton of branching paths in the story, quest lines, and classic Fallout humor more so than Fallout 3.. 10/10Gameplay- Its easy to pick up and play with out much trouble regular shooting is much better thanks to iron sights but VATS is still the way to go. Its still really buggy but as of now its much better. 8/10Dead Money DLC- Its really difficult and frustrating but the story is worth it...

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Honestly okay 0

Honest Hearts take you on an intresting trip throught through Zion Vally. Unlide Dead Money in which you loose all of your equipment until you complete Dead Money. Honest Hearts gives you a compromise, you can bring the gear you have but your carry weight has to lower to begin Honest Hearts. Which means that you have to put some equipment that you can survive without in a expedition crate near the quest giver. Shortly after you begin the expodition with the Happy Trails trading Company you are ...

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An underrated gem 0

Alpha Protocol was a long delayed game, and when it came out it was bashed by many reviews for bad shooting and dumb ai, plus glitches. After playing it though i feel the game does not deserve the hate it gets. People compare Alpha Protocol to Mass Effect, while part of that is true, the most distinct comparison i can make is Deus Ex, because of the many was you can approach the game, such as stealth, shooting, and talking. I can forgive the shooting because this not a 3rd person shooter it is a...

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What a dissapointment 0

I have never been more disappointed by game ever that Final Fantasy 12. i had such high hopes for it. Instead a got this mess of an rpg that bears the Final Fantasy name. My major issue with the game is that it is not friendly at all for newcomers to the series with complicated battle mechanics and a mess of a story . Now don't get me wrong I loved Final fantasy 10 which is one of my favorite PS2 games of all time. Now when you play a Final fantasy game you expect 2 things. 1: A good combat syst...

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