Most Anticipated Games

The list of my most eagerly anticipated games.

List items

  • Just Cause 2 was another one of my favorite and most played games of last generation. It was the game that finally got me to buy a PS3 to go with my Xbox 360.

  • Naughty Dog hasn't disappointed in about a decade, and Uncharted 4 is looking to extend that streak. This game is one of the reasons that I choose to get a PS4 right now instead of an Xbox One.

  • I haven't been really into Tom Clancy games, outside of the Splinter Cell franchise, for a while. However, The Division has some interesting multiplayer components that delve into the psychology of co-operative play.

  • Since I won't have a PC capable of running this game well, I am more interested in it as an outsider. With a game this ambitious with the development history that is has had so far, seeing how it comes together in a final product is noteworthy study in modern game development.