Best of Giant Bomb's Deadly Premonition Endurance Run--04

Episode List:

  • Episode 01: Vinny goes racing, Brad meets the Raincoat Killer, Jeff meets Zach, and Ryan sees "F K" in the coffee. (Covers: The beginning through Anna's autopsy)
  • Episode 02: Vinny hides, Brad runs away, Jeff meets Harry, and Ryan sees a shotgun. (Covers: Greenvale General Hospital through the Lumber Mill)
  • Episode 03: Vinny calls for Thomas, Brad goes fishing, Jeff meets Forrest Kaysen, and Ryan meets Gina. (Covers: Greenvale Community Center through Forrest Kaysen)
  • Episode 04: Vinny eats a sandwich, Brad buys a new suit, Jeff yells at George, and Ryan is a punk rocker. (Covers Muses Gallery through Becky’s house)

Endurance Run is the basis of everything.

Best of the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run YouTube Playlist

Vinny and Jeff’s Endurance Run Playlist

Brad and Ryan’s Endurance Run Playlist

After watching and later highlighting the best moments from the Persona 4 Endurance Run last year, I started to have the itch to finally watch the Deadly Premonition Endurance Runs. And just as with Persona, I certainly wasn't planning on watching these multiple times, so might as well make another one of these. I went back and forth over how to best cover both series. In the end, I decided to edit both series together to cover more elements of Deadly Premonition and to combine the best (and different) aspects of Brad and Ryan’s and Vinny and Jeff’s play throughs.

In terms of the format of this series, I wanted to highlight different aspects of Deadly Premonition, ranging from character introductions, gameplay segments, and the overall story. In some ways, this is a summary of the entire Endurance Run. Sometimes this does not lead to the “funniest” moments of the Endurance Runs, although I’m pretty confident most of those are in this video as well.

If one highlight was funny in both play throughs, I generally went with the one I thought was funnier to avoid having two identical scenes play back-to-back. To help carry a flow throughout this best of series, I edited the videos in rough chronological order to follow the game’s narrative. Sometimes one Endurance Run will take longer to get through a segment of the game or get sidetracked doing side missions, while the other will continue marching through the main story. This is why sometimes there will be multiple VJ or BR videos back-to-back.

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