Best of Giant Bomb's Deadly Premonition Endurance Run--10 & 11, The Grand Finale

Episode List:

  • Episode 01: Vinny goes racing, Brad meets the Raincoat Killer, Jeff meets Zach, and Ryan sees "F K" in the coffee. (Covers: The beginning through Anna's autopsy)
  • Episode 02: Vinny hides, Brad runs away, Jeff meets Harry, and Ryan sees a shotgun. (Covers: Greenvale General Hospital through the Lumber Mill)
  • Episode 03: Vinny calls for Thomas, Brad goes fishing, Jeff meets Forrest Kaysen, and Ryan meets Gina. (Covers: Greenvale Community Center through Forrest Kaysen)
  • Episode 04: Vinny eats a sandwich, Brad buys a new suit, Jeff yells at George, and Ryan is a punk rocker. (Covers: Muses Gallery through Becky’s house)
  • Episode 05: Vinny sneaks around, Brad fights a wall lady, Jeff talks to Isaach and Isaiah, and Ryan profiles. (Covers: talking to Isaach and Isaiah through profiling the Muses Gallery)
  • Episode 06: Vinny is rumblin’, Brad finds a radio, Jeff talks about Zach, and Ryan holds his tongue. (Covers: The second half of the Muses Gallery through York talking about Zach)
  • Episode 07: Vinny heads to the meat locker library, Brad eats lunch with Emily, Jeff doesn't want to play this game anymore, and Ryan is in the White Room. (Covers: The White Room through the Graveyard)
  • Episode 08: Vinny learns more about the Raincoat Killer, Brad disses the game, Jeff finds a file, and Ryan sees a giant demon dog. (Covers: The second half of the Graveyard through Returning the Files)
  • Episode 09: Vinny follows Deputy Willie, Brad sticks into, Jeff hears the 13th bell, and Ryan watches a cat fight. (Covers: The 13th Bell through the Clocktower)
  • Episode 10: Vinny yells “You!”, Brad finds a punch loop, Jeff walks up a flight of stairs, and Ryan calls it. (Covers: The Sheriff’s Department through Red Tree)
  • Episode 11: The ending and epilogue of Deadly Premonition!

And now, the Grand Finale of the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run!

For the past few months, I have been dreading this moment. I sincerely had no idea how I was going to highlight the ending of Deadly Premonition. There's simply too much! Last minute reveals, plot twists, hilariously baffling moments mixed with disturbing scenes that will make you think "This don't feel right", and, of course, the conclusion of this weird story. At a certain point, I realized it was impossible to summarize every funny moment and plot point that happens in the last 10% of this game.

In the end, I changed the format a little and decided to release both of these videos simultaneously. I wish I could fit everything into one video, but releasing an hour long video seemed like a bit much. That said, if you haven't seen this bizarre thing for yourself, you should just queue up either Brad and Ryan and Vinny and Jeff's Endurance Run and just watch the last couple of videos for yourself. I included links to their YouTube playlist around where the ending starts.

Either this week or next week I'm going to write a blog summarizing my overall thoughts on Deadly Premonition. (Oh man, do I have some thoughts on this game...)

Anyways, thanks for watching! Until next time / That will never happen!

Best of the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run YouTube Playlist

The End of Deadly Premonition Playlist: VJ

The End of Deadly Premonition Playlist: BR