Best of 2010

clintlandon: Best of 2010 
Disclaimer: I fully admit to be behind on some major releases from this year, including AC: Brotherhood (LOVED 2), Call of Duty, and Heavy Rain. However, here are the games that left a lasting impact on me in some way this year.

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  • Mass Effect as a franchise has forever changed my expectations on what game immersion can be. Mass Effect 2 continues that idea with genuinely enjoyable gameplay added.

  • Got to this one late, but as an eternal fan of Max Payne 2, Remedy has reminded me how incredible they are at creating compelling characters in unique situations.

  • Having received this for Christmas, I'm about a third of the way through, but I'm loving it enough to bring it up to number 3.

  • If Game of the Year was based on time played, this would be my number one.

  • Leave it to Bungie to bring me back to a franchise I always assume I'm done with with every new installment.

  • An incredible game that felt like a cruel joke once the full game came out.

  • I never thought I'd give a crap about virtual drumming in seven-hour chunks again, but I was WRONG!

  • Normally when I've S-ranked a game, I never touch it again. The fact that PCCEDX keeps bringing me back is a testament to the satisfaction of shaving a full second off a Time Trial.

  • I didn't expect much from this game, but the dependence of teamwork in the co-op mode is done in that rare way that no matter which character you are, you feel vital to the proceedings.

  • Not since Earth Defense Force have I enjoyed a game in such a "So Bad It's Good" kind of way. As everyone makes painfully clear, this is a poorly made game, but it's personality has stuck with me in a way that it deserves mentioning.