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Vastly missunderstood... 3

I'm going to start off this review by doing something I don't normally like to do... tell you the negatives.  Too Human sometimes gives you the feeling of being a bit of a "Frankenstein" type of game, almost as if you can feel how long this game was in development.  Graphically its pretty but it doesn't wow, I'm still trying to figure out how exactly some of my "charms" work and sometimes you do wish that there was more to do other than cripple room after room of enemies, I'd even take a backtra...

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A Masterpeice... 2

Simply put, if you haven't experienced Mass Effect then you really haven't entered the "now" generation.  From its incredible scale to its dialogue to the wonderfully written characters and themes, Mass Effect is a golden god.  You are Commander Shepard, charged with freeing the galaxy from an evil rougue specter named Saren.  It is this course of action that leads to an incredible ending that I won't spoil.  Inventory can get a little clustered, mild frame dips (nothing serious), side missions ...

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