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Fallout 3 equals the might of Mass Effect...

Never thought I'd be able to say it, but I fucking love me some Fallout 3... The game just rocks.  It scratches every itch that Mass Effect didn't, namely side missions and inventory management.  I honestly thought after the brilliant opening the game would settle in and be kinda shoot, kill, find, achievment points, repeat, but oh how wrong I am... its so much more.  The game makes you care about the plight of these people in the "wastes" and with the setting of D.C. it makes you want to stand on top of the capitol steps or gaze from the top of the washington monument.  Its just a beautiful game all around... With the addition of the 09' console exclusive DLC, Im going to be loving this game for a very long time.


Too Human review is up...

I wanted to get at least 25-30 hours in before I reviewed it so I could be as honest and accurate as possible.... Now off to play some more....  Look in my profile to see.


Kevin Periera just talked me into buying Too Human...

Too Human was a game I'd been waiting for since about 05'.  Say what you want about 10 year dev. and such, I've been interested in the game since the launch of the 360.  I like Silicon Knights games (Eternal Darkness is one of the best games Ive ever played).  I actually think Dennis Dyack is a pretty respectable guy, who speaks his mind.  I loved the demo... loved it.  So, why then was I sitting around doubt whether or not to buy this game?  Review sites... Gamespot... Game Informer... etc.... I'm breaking my most fundamental rule... I'LL be the judge!  When I saw a 5.5 from Gamespot last night I said, wow!! this game is Jeckel and Hyde because that demo I played was AAA quality.  I'm confused, until the most unlikely of supporters reminded me why I waited so long for this game... enter Kevin Periera.  The co-host of Attack of the Show on g4 drops this megaton of reality into my lap and he completely illigitimizes almost every major review publication going. 

It was a shot of reality that this game needed to remind us that these reviewers have one lonely little opinion and that ours is just as powerful.  I like reading reviews, always will, but sorry, Im going with my gut on this one... Too Human is a buy for me.

Kevin Periera Video


They found it!!!!!!

....And Im off.  Gonna go and retrieve the stolen car.  The police officer said there isn't anything wrong with it other than no plate and no keys.  Its an hour and a half away....  Special thanks to Darth Zew and his willingness to retrieve and dispose of the body parts of those responsible...


Here's to new locks and cars lost...

ColMustard 7:30 am... ZZZZZzzzzzz.........        *SCREEEAAMMM*      "what is it honey...?"  ColMustards Wife: "My car is gone!!!!!!!!"

Are you kidding me... how the hell does a fucking car just get up and walk away from your driveway while your sleeping?  Assholes, thats how.
In case my soapboxing is unreadable, my wifes car got stolen yesterday morning and I'm pretty upset about it.  We live in a very nice neighborhood, quiet, kids playing, people walking their dogs and someone  walks up to my house and steals my wifes car.  Whats worse, they stole another car just to get to my car, leave the other car and steal mine.  Needless to say, my day yesterday consisted of changing every lock on my house, new garage doors openers and arming an alarm.  arg... humanity is so lost.


Must.. stop... writing... about.... Atari 2600 games....

I can't stop friends.  Once I figured out about how this whole "wiki" style of info worked I was hooked... I don't care much about the points but I like putting my thoughts into my childhood games.  It's actually amazing how much I remember, once I look at a few screens.  I think I need to get my 2600 back from my parents.  I miss it.


To System War or not to System War...

....That is the question.  It's been a love hate relationship with System Wars forums over the years for me... Sometimes I have hundreds on the run and other times I go weeks without even caring.  Personally, I just like to debate with people about video games.  Its relaxing.  I noticed that GiantBomb does not have a system wars forum and at this point I'm not sure if thats good or bad... One thing is for sure, if they do implement that type of thread, it NEEDS to be done right.  You NEED to let people argue and have a good set of mods that can put their own feelings aside.  I would hate to see the promise of this great site turn to that of Gamespot... you know what happened to gamespot.... see below.

Better clean up before the mods find out... so long Gamespot.....!
Better clean up before the mods find out... so long Gamespot.....!

I assure you that is not my sleeve... *cough*

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