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Life's A Glitch Needs Your Help! (Podcast/Video)

DISCLAIMER:  I apologize ahead of time for the walls of text below. I did my best to make it short haha.  
Hey there ladies and gents, 
I'm not entirely sure how many of you may know me, or even recognize my avatar for that matter, but I've been around since the dawn of the site. Regardless, I come to you asking for some assistance. First though, some explanation:
A friend of mine and I are in the very early stages of putting together a youtube channel / podcast under the name LAG TV, or Life's A Glitch TV. I had used the name for a video series I did years ago on Gamespot before Giantbomb was around, and figured since I had ceased to make the videos after GS stopped putting featured user videos on the homepage that I might as well use it for this. If you know the videos, awesome, if you don't  you can actually google Life's A Glitch and the most viewed episode should come up near the top.  


 Isn't it pretty? My Photoshop skills are top notch, no?
 Isn't it pretty? My Photoshop skills are top notch, no?

This new venture is still being hammered out but we're catering to the everyman (or woman haha). That means that we aim to bring you the internet's finest cluster**** of gaming related goodness including late reviews, mediocre Starcraft 2 commentary, and nonsensical rants that may or may not lower your IQ. Specifically, in case you are wondering (which of course you are)  the SC2 commentary will be all based on every-day SC2 players whether that's tinfoil league or mid level platinum, we want to give you the experience of having someone talk about your game and have a good time with it. As for the rest, well it's kind of self explanatory but I'll elaborate if needed. 
Now for the help part. Basically we'd like to hear what you might like to see in terms of video content (if you're interested in this at all) and what you might like to have on the podcast as well. We have some ideas already but we'd like to hear from potential viewers/listeners what they'd be interested in. 
I feel that after the plethora of these community-type deals have cropped up I should inform you that my friend and I are in our mid 20's and represent much of the core gamers out there. We generally have wildly different opinions on things (I'm the technical analyst guy, he's the "I'm going to talk louder to sound smarter" guy) which is bound to make for some interesting discussions, and in general we're just looking forward to having some fun with it.   
In any case, if you actually read all that thank you for it haha. You can let us know what you think and give us your suggestions in the comments section below or you can PM me. We have a gmail account which we will eventually use, but we're leaving it out at the moment. 
Thanks again!