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Best of 2009

Top ten games of 2009! It was a pretty awesome year for gamers, and lovers of just about every genre won. Here's my picks for 2009! Enjoy.

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  • It's hard to not want to put Uncharted 2 at number one when the game is just so damn polished. My overall pick for game of the year.

  • As much as I'd love to not put this high on the list, it's hard to ignore this stellar game. Now if we can just get IW to fix those nasty hacks and glitches...

  • I'm still waiting for the day when the doctors managed to make a game that I don't absolutely have to play. Kudos for bringing back a dying genre in style, gentlemen.

  • Props to anyone who can take the Xbox live community and actually make it a community. Oh, and I suppose the endless number of sweet rides and fancy paint jobs is cool too.

  • Mind blowing cover aside (pun completely intended) Bordelands impressed me by successfully merging two completely different genres. As a side, I'm also a sucker for cell shaded graphics. Don't judge me.

  • Holy kick-ass Batman game...Batman! If someone told me that there would ever be a game based on Batman that was as hardcore as Chuck Norris' beard, I'd have laughed in their faces. Turns out, Batman Video game = good time.

  • We all know now that the Halo franchise is basically being milked for all it's worth, but somehow the games still turn out to be totally great. ODST proved that you don't need to be the MC to have a great time in the Halo universe.

  • After you figure out how to pronounce the game's title, and learn to get your ass handed to you gracefully, Demon's Souls rewards you in ways not many other games these days can. Remember those NES games that called you names and kicked you when you were down? Prepare for a bit of nostalgia.

  • The Wii had a very mediocre year, but NSMBW (you WISH I was going to type that out) managed to be a great success. Solo the game for a leisurely Mario experience, team up with friends for absolute anarchy.