Top Ten Games I've Played This Year (2019)

Originally this list was just going to be "games I've completed the story of" aka "that I have beaten" but then I couldn't include certain games. MY LIST, MY RULEZ!!!!

I also don't really care about "legitimate" game of the year stuff, because people are entitled to their own opinions and they aren't wrong. People that get upset at GOTY stuff are silly~

Edit: Reordered the List. Added Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Removed Remnant: From the Ashes.

List items

  • If you can get past the cute-lewd chibi aesthetic, it's a fantastic, solid rhythm game with a LOT of music. It is so satisfying to full combo songs.

    I play it on my phone when I'm on the bus. I play it at my PC when I'm home. I'm addicted. One day I'll beat that loli, my arch nemesis! (cover art for the song...)

  • I finally played it! It's good.

    I always knew it was, it's just fun to tease people that feel offended by any criticism of their favourite things.

  • An MMO with a story that is better than most single player games.

  • I've 100%'d both Prepare to Die AND Remastered this year. I beat this game 5 times.

    I still want to keep playing it. I'm going to look into playing it with a randomizer.

  • This game has been a huge surprise for me. I wasn't expecting much going in, but I was sold on it by the end of chapter 1. It has been a really satisfying JRPG to play.

    People are going to look at this and go "haha tiddies game," and to them I say GROW UP. It is a little obnoxious in places, but for the most part I honestly don't care about the sexualization of characters. I made one joke about it on twitter because it was funny. Beyond that, I haven't even stopped to think about it because it /doesn't matter/. The only issue (of this type) that I have had was the weight shaming of Pyra in one scene, treating it as a joke for the audience to laugh at. That's not cool.

  • I knew literally nothing before I started this game. I went off of a friend's recommendation and it turned out to be really heckin' fun.

    The gyro controls take some time to get used to but it was a super cool control scheme.

  • A friend once told me that he had to stop watching me play this because I was so bad at it, it would bring about the apocalypse.

    I stuck with it, and eventually beat the shovel knight campaign. It was a lot of fun! Still have to beat the other campaigns.

  • I have to play a lot more of this game, but I've really enjoyed what I have played of it. That's the only reason why this isn't higher up.

    I genuinely don't give a shit about any of the criticism that people have levied against it, because to me? Enjoying something is more important than "but they cut pokey mons!"

  • I 100%'d this game on steam and had a lot of fun with it... but achievement hunting kinda kills the enjoyment when you're creating saves at specific nodes in the logic tree to maximize achievements/time.

  • Oh boy. I have a feeling this one is going to be contentious. I've always wanted to play a battle royale game, but they felt too intimidating to get into.

    I bounced off Fortnite the first time I gave it a try, and went back to it at the urging of a close friend. It's really fun to play both solo and in duos, I don't feel bad about losing at all (unless we lost because I got carried).

    It's a game that I can see myself losing entire days in without realizing it.