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Top 10 Genesis Games

My list of top 10 Sega Genesis Games.

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  • Best game on the Sega Genesis hands down. Sonic was the mascot for a reason -- the speed and playability of the character was like nothing ever seen before on a home console.

    Favorite Zone: Spring Yard Zone.

  • Cant tell you how many hours I played this game w/ my buddies, by myself, and in my sleep. Its all about grabbing the club!

  • I love my Street Fighter. And I love it even more when it comes to my home console. Waited so patiently for this sucker -- bought the six button gamepad for it too. Sound was a little janky, but to play SF II sans quarters was a godsend.

  • I really <3 Star Control II (one of the best games of all-time), but this game laid the groundwork and the melee was so creative and so stinking fun!

  • Played this game w/ my buddy John Gamble for so many hours. Played as ToeJam, but loved Earl. Great two-player action.

  • All of the old NHL Hockey games were amazing. Great sports game, lots of replayability and fun w/ a friend.

  • Ecco was beautiful. Cruising the open seas, the control was impeccable and the gameplay was fast. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.

  • I dig Madden, but this side scrolling football sim was the next gen Tecmo Bowl. Great announcing at the time and super fun gameplay.

  • One of the first RPGs that I really got into. Opened my eyes to the types of stories that a video game can tell.

  • So old school, yet so brilliant. Solid side-scroller with an awesomely unique gameplay mechanic.