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    @candivore: I agree with this. The GB crew seem like they have no chemistry anymore. They all seem so different from each other - a point that seems to have been exacerbated by the office split.They s...

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    Didn't expect Outer Wilds. Great list!

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    I'm not sure how Alex has had so many bad experiences in Apex. I have 400 hours in that game and I think I remember maybe one or two times where someone was toxic. Maybe a lot of people reported Alex...

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    @allkindsoftime: I felt the same. Jeff in particular was a bit toothless on the topic - citing the vocal minority of people who don't like Epic because of Tencent. Like really? This is in no way relat...

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    I like how they get weird about people making comments about their neck on videos. But 5 minutes later proceed to comment on David Boreanaz's forehead. Ok guys.