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Starfox 3D - Holy crap it's short.

So I stuck on Starfox 64 3D for 3DS last night for the first time, having never played the original N64 game. After about 45 minutes I was at the ending credits, which was a bit surprising to me. I know that this is an arcade-style game, so I can be a bit forgiving in that aspect, as there seems to be plenty of high score based secondary activities.

It's a pretty good game for what it is, but I'm surprised Nintendo had the gall to charge $40/€35/£25 for it, when it definitely should have been a downloadable game, or an 'N64 3D Classic'. I guess they made the right move though, as it seems to have sold well. I'm not annoyed about it, as I enjoyed my time with the game, but I'm just shocked that the single player was that short, and that, that kind of game could make it to market at that price.


So yeah...Nintendo..

Nintendo had their E3 2012 press conference earlier today. As someone who is already "sold" on the Wii U, I was both satisfied and disappointed by the showing. I'm glad to see Arkham City and Mass Effect 3, as I missed both these games, but I was also hoping to see more original content from third parties. At least ZombiU is looking decent, and I love the "one-chance" premise of the gameplay.

How did you guys feel about it?


Men In Black III

Finally got around to seeing Men In Black III last night. Was pleasantly surprised by the movie, which I wanted to see, but wasn't overly excited for. It sort of has me in the mood to go back and watch the original movies as it has literally been years since I watched them. While the movie wasn't amazing by any stretch, I found it entertaining, and it had a surprisingly good ending, which leaves it open for a sequel. It's nice to see Will Smith back on the big screen after a few years off, and has me looking forward to see him more.