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Top 10 Games of 2010

2010 was a year of good video games, It was also a year of some down right awful ones too. Heres a list of the 10 games that made me think "oh snap" or were just too awesome for words.  
 oh and btw:

The game of the year is at number 10 on this list

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  • While not living up to be as amazing as I expected it to be SC:conviction was still a very fun game who's story while not the best was still interesting. I also liked the voice acting and come on, the first of those interrogation scenes brought a whole new meaning to a "Swirly". Awesome.

  • Putting more of an emphasis on just eating ridiculous, ridiculous amounts of ghosts was 100% the best route pacman could take for me. While the purists could complain that its not truly pacman no one can deny that its exciting and a whole lot of fun. I only wish the noise as you eat ghosts continued to rise and didn't level off.

  • Limbo is a great game. The minimalist art direction, and lack of music gave the game the exact feel it needed. The puzzles remained challenging and interesting all the way to the end. The fact that I went back to collect every damn egg thing just speaks about how fun this game was. Now if only I could get though the game without dying five times...

  • Possibly the "biggest" release this year falls at number 7 on my list for one reason. While i enjoyed the over the top story that so blatantly rips off fight club and the multiplayer which is still a ton of fun dispite the fact that I'm apparently a "cheat", "glitcher", "noob", and "faggot" all at the same time. I cant get over the fact that this game is just more of the same damn thing.

  • Ok, while i didn't buy dead rising this year i have played hours and hours with my friends on his xbox. All i can say is that Killing zombies is still a whole lot of fun, and the new and innovative ways you can use chain saws are amazing. I just wish the psychopaths weren't so damn annoying.

  • We hit the top 5 and heres Mass Effect 2. This supposed "RPG" turned out to be a third person shooter with cover mechanics and some basic squad mechanics too. I still love the world and the fiction spending hours reading all I could in my codex, and seeking out any and all side quests just so i could engage with the amazing characters of the world. The story, while a massive cliche, was exciting and i can't wait to play Mass Effect 3 when it comes out.

  • The wild west is a period in time that has been neglected of late. Red dead redemption rectified that and proved to me that i still love playing at being a cow boy. The story was fun and interesting, there was so much to do in the world, the characters were believable and the shooting felt great. John marston is my favourite character of 2010. Dude, you can stab grizzly bears in the face! come on, thats pretty awesome.

  • I LOVE battlefield. And i loved The first Bad Company, the second is a worthy follow on and continues to have the best explosions I have seen in a game. The multiplayer was and continues to be the best of this year, hiding behind a wall trying to heal to have that wall suddenly disappear and be replaced with a tanks turret never gets old. The only thing that stops this game being higher is I felt like they stepped away from the humour of the first, the humours still there, its just hidden and seeing as its so good i feel it should be back in the foreground for the next in the series.

  • Oh super meat boy, how i hate you. No other game this year has made me more frustrated or brought out my sadist side more evidently. Everything from the controls, to the sounds, to the art style is awesome. And that sounds track WOW. I have sunk god knows how many hours into this game and I still cant stop playing. I need those damn bandages. Super Meat Boy is just a hell of a lot of fun, you should buy it.

  • My game of the year sort of snuck up on me (no pun intended, sorry). I was one of those people who dismissed it as a multiplayer spin off, so i was very VERY pleasantly surprised when i saw that it had a fully fledged singleplayer which has refined the formula they so nearly perfected in the second and have made it even better. That multiplayer could be better but it was such a breath of fresh air from the FPS laden multiplayer scene we have at the moment. Just like the first 2 games, i can see myself going back in to get every single goddamn flag and clue, and i know im going to love every minute of it.