TF2 WAR Submission


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War has broken out in the Team Fortress 2 universe and as such, Valve is holding a contest in honor of the bloodshed.  I couldn't resist making something so I went ahead and made the above linked poster.  I realize the dimensions aren't exactly ideal for a poster, but I am hoping that will not be a huge concern.  Anyway, I just thought I'd share and I hope you enjoy it!

Portrait of a Blu Engineer

Well after recently completing a Portrait of a Red Heavy I knew it was only a matter of time until I did another.  I really didn't expect to waste away my free time on this so soon but I rather enjoy the outcome and here is hoping you do too.  The next one will not be so happy haha :p

Crooked Smile Blu Engi
Crooked Smile Blu Engi

Edit: Replaced .jpg with .png.

What do I think?

Very little overall.  The movie functions are probably the most interesting to me, followed by the music.  But I am disappointed to learn that you can't use while in-game which makes that feature pretty much pointless for almost every user out there, and I really could give two-shits about the social networking features; I feel they are there for two kinds of people, the casual, and the insecure.  I really just cannot see the reasoning behind why the social features were included, personally.


Vector Art of TF2's Spy

I am a huge fan of Valve's Team Fortress 2 (on the PC of course!) and as such, making fan art was something that compelled me.  So I made this vector of the spy (my favorite class). Vector, is a fancy word for "scalable graphic" which just means that you can re-size the original to any size and it won't lose any of its quality (like a billboard or something).  Below are 3 shots, 100% size (original size), a mid-level shot, and an extremely close shot (click it to see the full size); these are to show off the detail and demonstrate the properties of a vector (notice how the edges don't get jagged like a digital picture would if you were to enlarge it)  I hope you enjoy!:

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This one won't show as full size, even when clicked for some reason...
This one won't show as full size, even when clicked for some reason...

Meet the Female Spy...

I don't normally write blogs but I couldn't  pass up the opportunity to share this.... abomination with the GB community.  I was laughing out loud literally when I first saw this thing.  What made it even more hysterical to me was that the person who made this thought it was actually good.  Don't get me wrong there is some good model work going on at the core... but... the face.  Oh my god the face... and those lifeless eyes!  This may be the creepiest fan art ever!  So without anymore prattling from me I present you the female Spy (much larger, scarier version at link provided below):

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I know I wouldn't mess with her... lol
She probably has more testosterone in her than the 9 male versions of the classes.
Also, I did not make this!  The original thread can be found (with reactions lol) @

Yes I buy

I buy downloadable games because anymore they can offer just as much fun and replayability as a AAA title can.  They are less expensive and I can circumvent dealing with any dumbfounded employee that is all too happy to tell me about their latest card or reserve service.  
Fat Princess, Trine and Shadow Complex are 3 recent games that demonstrate there are some very high-quality downloadable games out there that have excellent presentation and offer a lot for their price.  More and more come to the market each year and already I feel saturated, but the downloadable games generally offer new ideas too that a AAA title would be too afraid to do.  Downloadable games allow developers more creative freedom with less risk involved.


Video Game Parody Art

I know that parody of any kind is very popular.  Video games are no different.  There are all sorts from screenshots that are faithful to the games they are parodying to ones that resembles something we all know but don't really follow the game's feel / vibe.

But this post is about my foray into box art parody or cover art parody.  I recently stumbled upon a few pieces of parody art that I thought were decently funny at concept, if not delivery.  After much deliberation with friends, the idea of doing a portal parody came up.  There was then much more deliberation on what should be conveyed in this parody.  What is contained is the result of this debate:

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Now don't judge me based on what is being depicted.  Judge me based on the quality and faithfulness to the original design of the game's cover art.  I can't help but laugh at this when I see it, not just because of how it mocks the Portal cover design, but because the proportions are so horribly askew that you can't take this serious for even a moment; mission accomplished if you feel the same.

Anyway, let me know what you think and if you have any ideas and I like them, perhaps I will make more, with community input.

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