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Killing Floor; a review of 5 years. 0

Killing Floor was a disappointment. Largely a "me too" game that was released some time after the 2008 zombie survival title, Left 4 Dead, it fails at every turn to be interesting.Where Left 4 Dead was about making it from point A to point B and surviving everything in between, Killing Floor is about staying in the same place and surviving wave after wave of zombies. You will mostly be hunkering down in a room and killing monsters as the flood in, and you are given the ability to reinforce doors...

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Tetris Evolution Fails 0

I found this game while moving and decided to give it a play.  I think my aunt got it for me a few years back or something.  Anyway, first thing, this game makes me feel sick.  I even tried turning off the moving background and that did not seem to work.  I can play any other game, action FPS games with crazy effects and explosions and lots of different colors and lighting going on... but Tetris?  Nope.  It makes me feel sick as a dog.  This game is terrible for a multitude of reasons outside of...

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Fast Paced Review for Fast Paced Game 0

The cover art for Uncharted 2 is perfect because even though it is an illustration of the first part of the game, it is this part of the game that let's the player know that they're in for one hell of a ride.  From the moment the game came to and allowed me to take control of its protagonist, Nathan Drake, in the crazy predicament that he got himself into, my mouth was hanging agape - literally; that is how I knew that this game was an experience unlike any other because I have never had that re...

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Altitude Gets High Marks 0

I bought Altitude during the Steam Holiday sale for $7.49 and I feel like a thief.  Altitude is a competitive multiplayer game built around the progression system popularized by Call of Duty 4 on a nearly 1:1 scale.  You level up as you play, gaining experience for shooting down enemy planes, destroying bases and enemy turrets, and achieving other objectives.  The game also features many different challenges as well which offer bonus experience.  Every time you level, you unlock something new. ...

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Platforming Perfection 0

We all loved Super Mario World, the game that came bundled with the original SNES, for the same reasons we fell in love with Mario 3.  That isn't to say they are as popular as one another, but Super Mario World took all of the things that were great about Mario 3 and made many meaningful additions to the winning-platforming formula.  Now if you thought that those games were amazing, you were right, and they hold up to this day, but a lesser talked about gem that deserves just as much (if not mor...

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Fatty Fat Fat 3

Fat Princess takes 32 players, 5 classes (each with 2 forms), 4 multiplayer modes, a dash of whimsy and a pinch of customization, beats it until smooth and applies it liberally to your free time.  In short, Fat Princess is a fun time-suck that will leave you wanting more after each round.  The game is obviously influenced by the likes of Team Fortress 2, but instead of a first person shooter, we get a 3rd person perspective, heavily strategic game that forces you to work as a team in order to su...

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A Shell of Its Former Self 0

Re-Shelled's source material is left better as a memory that you never revisit in anything other than in the confines of your own thoughts.  If you come from the arcade then you will get just that but with far less memorable graphics and an utter realization that this game that was once a classic, no longer holds a torch to today's games in terms of relevancy or even fun factor.  Personally, I only enjoyed the game on the SNES with a bunch of my friends when I was younger.  It was an awesome gam...

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CoN is the Dummies' Guide to Action RPGs 0

Champions Of Norrath is a great way to ease your friends into the Action-RPG genre.  While some may debate this claim due to the game feeling somewhat lame and uninspired, I would counter saying that this game is still a lot of fun playing on the couch with a friend, both focused on the same screen, sharing the same gear and overcoming the same obstacles.I tried playing this game alone once and when playing it alone, it is very lame an uninspired.  With a game like Diablo 2 I didn't mind playing...

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An Accessible Addiction for All 0

The Sims marks a true milestone in gaming.  Will Wright's "God Game" took on a new aspect of life, namely all of it!If you thought that constructing and maintaining a successful city was hard in the SimCity series then you wait until you try raising a family.  Climbing the corporate ladder, buying, building and maintaining a house and the going-ons within are all present and just as dastardly a task as their real life counterparts.  Basically, the Sims takes the hectic lives we all live and turn...

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A Review with Spoilers 0

It has been nearly a year since Fallout 3 first released and since then it has has re-written its own ending.  So, naturally, the question arises: which version of Fallout 3 do you review at this point if you're late to the party?Mine is for the original.Dying at the end of Fallout 3 is monumental for the story's sake.  It really speaks volumes about your character, good, neutral or evil.  I played as a good character (like most) so my perception on the main arc is this:  You grew up idolizing y...

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Henry Hatsworth is a Class Act 0

Inspired by those (platformers) who came before him and fusing not just puzzling with platforming but also humor and difficulty, Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure breaks new ground by not being a gimmick, but rather it actually delivers on its seemingly hokey premise; the truth is that Henry Hatsworth really delivers the goods on both screens.The game starts out as a simple platformer and slowly builds on the repertoire of abilities that Mr. Hatsworth can use on his adventure to assemble...

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In space, no one can hear you scream. 0

Dead Space successful does what it sets out to do: It creates an original, atmospheric experience that is built around keeping you on edge through every step of the game.The pacing in Dead Space runs parallel to its presentation, it's perfect.At the start of the game you are literally thrust into the clutches of a massive mining shuttle that you are investigating due to a total communications blackout and your ship is pulled in by a seemingly unknown force. Upon the shaky landing, you and your c...

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Great Multiplayer experience 0

The coolest part of Renegade's single player experience is when they take a shot of the top-down 2D C&C and turn seamlessly turn it into the 3D experience that is Renegade right before your eyes.Ok, Single Player's highs are out of the way, let's move on to where the game really shined:  The Multiplayer.Renegade had a really fun and competitive multiplayer experience.  The matches consisted of one team trying to destroy the other team's base and vice versa.  You started as a standard soldier...

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Demigod is Semigood 1

Demigod's biggest failings (as of this review) are where the game needs to be strongest for a successful future: the multiplayer.Currently Demigod's multiplayer is still plagued with connectivity problems and lacks many standard features.  For instance - There is no way to play the tournament games with a friend.  This is a common feature that should have been available from launch.  That is just one thing though.The game also suffers from unstable online matchmaking.  Generally, if you're lucky...

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TQ: Proof an Excellent Game Can Fail. 0

Titan Quest is a Diablo clone.  It is true.  But out of the clones, it is the best of them.Titan Quest is an excellent hack-and-slash action-RPG that did most things right.  It had an awesome character development system that allowed you to make hybrid characters if you like.  The world is huge and expansive and inviting to replayability, this despite that the game's levels are static - meaning the layout of the gameworld never changes.  The game's difficulty ramps up very smooth and never makes...

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This game is pure Golds! 0

It feels like it was just yesterday that I slipped that ol' Faxanadu cartridge into my NES and and pushed the power button.  That is how memorable of a game this was for its time.  It can take you back to when its graphics, gameplay and music were top-of-the-line.Faxanadu is a side-scrolling action RPG, one of the very first, and it helped shape the genre.  This game threw you into the town of Eolis at the beginning where you wandered about, trying to figure out what was going on.  Upon talking ...

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It has already been said... 0

...but Bioshock is amazing.  Beyond what the critics say it is the voice of the gamers that should be noted most of all.  It is hard to find many who didn't like Bioshock and out of the few who didn't it is even harder to find any who can coherently convey why they didn't enjoy the game.The game provides a unique and grotesque narrative that covers everything from Big Brother, Big Business, governance, and the tragedy of being human and powerful.  A lot of paranormal activity is tossed in which ...

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When People talk Mario, they Mean Mario 3 1

Whenever anyone talks about Mario their memory isn't of 1 or 2; its not thinking about 64 or Sunshine; not his parties or his go-karts; not of his amazing (and surprising) athletic prowess and finesse... no, not at all.  These people are thinking about Mario 3.Mario 3 is Mario's magnum opus.  It is the cream of the cream.  The game defies any real description as mere mortal words cannot adequately describe the pristine perfect playability that is Super Mario Bros. 3.  While today a game with a c...

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Adventures? 0

StarFox: Adventures is a good game.  A very smooth and fun game.  So why 3.5/5?Because StarFox isn't an adventure game.StarFox: Adventures did something that a lot of developers are afraid to do and that is very novel.  They did something drastic with a well-established franchise.  This game's 2 predecessors were both on-the-rails fly-by shooters and they were fun.  When I got StarFox: Adventures, I knew they were adding adventure game elements (hence the title) but I wasn't expecting them to be...

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Castle Crashers - It's got depth 1

You know a lot of people look at Castle Crashers and they love what they see.  They see a bright, beautiful and colorful 2D art stylized world, that is well animated and full of character, but they also say to themselves that this is a beat-'em-up and that there is no depth to such games.  Well this assumption is wrong in so many ways, especially for a game like Castle Crashers.Castle Crashers gives depth to the game by adding in RPG-esque elements.  Characters level up by defeating enemies and ...

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Please see zeus_gb's review 0

I came to the Stonekeep page to take a look at what had been added to its page (not much as of writing to say the least) and decided to review it.  Well, in zeus_gb's review, everything I could wish to say (and more) has already been said.  I agree with him in everything except I give it 5 stars instead of 4.5.  Why?  Because even while being objective, I can not find any reason not to.  The game's entire package (and I mean the box and everything in it, plus the game itself and its gameplay/sou...

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The game that started it all! 0

Dungeon crawlers.  Action-RPG.  Hack-n-Slash.  This genre goes by many names these days, but it all started with just one game:  Diablo.This is the game that created an all new and highly addictive genre.  It is based around a very simple philosophy:  Kill monsters, get loot.  But the game is renowned for so much more than that.With random levels, random items and 3 distinct classes you would think that would be enough for any game back in 1997.  Wrong!  With Diablo, was launched.  A ...

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Current Team Game Champ 0

This game is currently the best game out there for team based action.The game forces you to use teamwork no matter if you're playing in a tournament or just in a pub, there is no way around it and that is the main thing that sets Team Fortress 2 apart from other class-based-team-focused-multiplayer games.Its art style is/will age very well (now if they would just design levels with a few more colors...) the gameplay is constantly advancing due to Valve's consistent class and map updates, and the...

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