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My really Belated best of 2009

So I found I couldn't make list because Internet Explorer wouldn't let me for whatever reason.
Enter Firefox!

List items

  • A game I played an awful lot. Probably too much!

    For me I found myself becoming addicted to the fantastic gameplay. And mostly raping opponents in really different and inventive ways.

    Chilling with 7 friends and just having a laugh is great in this game and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes having garaunteed fun.

  • Aaah... Those were the days.

    When I was content with a fantastic story, played in a top-down view, with some fantastic dialogue and gameplay mechanics.

    No game could beat Baldur's Gate 2.

    Oh wait! This's Dragon Age!

    Ok, so that was really corny but you get the idea.

    You will of course understand when I admit that I did in fact actually play the whole game in the top-down camera view.

    Nostalgias a beautiful bitch sometimes lol.

  • So I know this game didn't come out in 2009 but this is on my list and I'm listing the games that I personally enjoyed spending a lot of my year 2009 time on.

    As glitchy and issue filled as this game was/is, this game seems to touch my inner child. Almost as if it's a messed up pervert uncle or something. lol

    I loved this game... The story, the amount of sidequest's, the replayability and some great DLC. I played this so much that I finally managed to get an S-rank for it not long ago.

  • A damn good game!

    I managed to really enjoy the campaign solely for the epic scales of each mission. Granted the story mostly led to me saying: "Huh?! What the hell!?" But I just enjoyed it for the movie like quality of each act. again, I mean in terms of quality of epic scale.

    Oh yeah and as a side note, the multi-player is alright too, lol.

  • Me and a friend of mine made a pact to buy this game at the same time, and have saves that we wanted to go through only with each other.

    This game was a blast for me and my friend from start to finish, and it speaks volumes that we both got most of our achievements at near enough the same times. And reached the full thousand together.

    There isn't many games I can honestly say I was that patient for.

    Pure collectorthon heaven. :-)

  • So much was improved that I was simply blown away.

    Everything was smoother, The story was engaging and the towns were pretty well mapped out too.

    This was my best surprise of 2009.

  • Having never played a Resident evil game in my life, I felt I owed it to myself to try this one out. And while the purist fans of this series may groan, I really liked this game.