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Game within a game.

Last week a few friends and I had some fun playing games with various handicaps.

Game footage begins at 0:57

  • We played Mortal Kombat with other people shouting commands for us.
  • Fifa while playing iPhone games.
  • Super Street Fighter 4 with controllers upside down.
  • Marvel vs Capcom 3 with 2 buttons.
  • Black Ops inverted.
  • Super Smash Brothers with random characters.
  • Mario Kart with 2 people to 1 controller.
  • Powerstone with controllers behind our back.

Was a whole lot of fun and was rather different than usual multiplayer gaming!

Has anyone else tried anything like this?


Super Meat Boy - Rare Edition

Got my copy yesterday and I absolutely love it.

No Caption Provided

Includes the awesome soundtrack, T shirt (Extra Large which will never fit me but still), Manual/comic, poster and my 4th copy of the game!

Also made an unboxing video to show off the goodies!

Did anyone else get reasonably priced bundle of awesome?


The League of Mortal Legends in Kombat... Origins.

I've been playing a whole lot of Mortal Kombat recently... pretty much since it came out it has been all I have played. As someone who is new to the series and someone who always considered himself a Street Fighter guy it was a great surprise to see just how much I loved it. 

No Caption Provided
My current character of choice is Kung Lao and he's about the only character I've managed to learn a few decent combos with. 

I finished up the Story Mode and have to say it was simply the best story mode in a fighting game I have ever seen. Things got a little crazy towards the end but that isn't always a bad thing. Currently working through the Challenge Tower and am about Challenge 200, I hear things are about to become a lot tougher soon!

Online I haven't played a lot, to be brutally honest I'm quite afraid of going online and being beaten mercilessly by an army of Scorpions. But really I will have to get past that and just get on with it. No pain no gain! 

So what do you guys think about MK and how have your online experiences been?

In other news I've been playing a fair bit of League of Legends with friends and no matter how much we play we always seem to continue to do the most ridiculous and stupid things. As a result I decided to make a Youtube series about it. Last night we played a game and I cut out our "Best Worst Bits" and pieced them together as a small preview of what's to come. 

Any advice or constructive criticism is appreciated and I hope you give it a look.
It's only a first video, there's a lot of flaws including a black border around the video, my voice comes out of one speaker and various other sound balance levels! 

Give it a view and let me know what you think!

Until next time, take care duders!


A level Results tomorrow!

 Holy Crap... it's finally here... I haven't minded for like the past few months but now I'm absolutely terrified...
Anyone else getting results tomorrow? Best of luck to all of you!


Open World Overload

So I  recently finished up both Red Dead Redemption and Brutal Legend. Now I'm currently playing through Borderlands with a friend, Bully, Crackdown and dabbling in and out of Deus Ex: Invisible War whenever I get the chance. All of these games have an open world to some extent and so did the games I just finished up. It's really starting to get to me and I feel like I need someone to tell me to do something, I'll do it and they'll tell me to do something else. A nice linear game is what I feel like I need right now, thinking of starting up one of my old platformers just for the release from all this freedom... 
Anyone else ever burn out on a certain genre or style of game?


So I just finished watching Twin Peaks...

My mind and my brain... what the hell just happened? That episode is probably the strangest thing I have ever watched in my entire life... and my hope for a happy ending has been greatly destroyed. Anyone else watched through Twin Peaks and have any views on this?


Indestructible (approximately 50% of the time)

Real Life

 I left you last week heading off to a costume party and I have to say that it was a lot of fun. I went as Rorschach from Watchmen, there was a Danny from Grease, Superman, V from V for Vendetta, William Wallace, one of the Incredibles, a penguin, Cleopatra and many more awesome costumes. A Saturday night well spent if I may say so myself. I think from now on rather than blogging on Saturdays I will blog on Sundays as Saturday seems to be the day in which everything happens! This blog post was meant to go up yesterday but while adding images it crashed and I lost everything! But anyways, the party was last week, it was fun and not much more to say on the matter except for one very important question. 

 Danny, Santa, WIlliam Wallace, Rorschach and V 
 Danny, Santa, WIlliam Wallace, Rorschach and V 
Who in this picture would win in a fight to the death?
On Monday of last week a friend and I headed up to Belfast to see our other friends taking part in a relay leg of the Belfast Marathon. We headed up fairly early but we had no idea where the guys started their leg or where the race finished. So we wandered around for a while and found the 22 mile mark of the race. As we had no idea where the end was we were forced to follow the marathon track all the way to the finish at the 26 mile mark. It was quite a nice walk though, lots of runners running past us, people cheering at the runners and glaring evilly at us as we walk on by. When we made it to the end we got to see our friends for a whole 5 minutes... then had to walk all the way back again. In total we walked around 10 miles in those few hours we spent up in Belfast and considering there is a 9 mile marathon walk we may as well have done that and got something more out of it!
However my trip to Belfast was not all worthless. I did say in my last blog that I had no money to buy games anymore... and I didn't buy any games! What I did buy however was a Fight Pad to improve my skills at Street Fighter 4. I got the Sagat version which although he isn't my favourite character or anywhere near it, I guess it will do. I do love the artwork on the controller and the D-pad is much more usable than that on the 360 controller.

 Sagat Street Fighter IV Controller
 Sagat Street Fighter IV Controller
Beyond Good and Evil will be explained BELOW!
The other important thing that happened last week was that it was my last ever week of school. I only ever have to go back to do my exams, pick up my results and then I will probably never set foot in the building again. It's a scary thought... I've spent the last 7 years in that one building and now I am done, ready to move on. Needless to say the last day was full of many pranks and mischief.
Some people brought in chickens and let them loose around the corridors causing havoc because they are damn well hard to catch as many teachers found out the hard way. We made paper bats, composed of paper, blue tac and a drawing pin,  which we walked around the school and stuck them to the roof by throwing them as hard as we could so that the drawin pin would impale itself in the ceiling. Some of which will be impossible to get down because the roof in the gym is just so high. Someone got a rape alarm and threw it on the roof of the school and it didn't go off until it ran out of batteries. Fish were hidden behind radiators and other places and the smell of certain places was unbearable. I also heard there was a pigs head placed at the back exit of the school although I did not see it for myself.
On the very last day we headed out of school where we had a fun day planned for us all with a Bull Riding Thingy... you know the spinning bulls which you have to stay on... A bungie run, oversized boxing gloves inside a bouncy castle and other inflatable games. We then had the most epic water fight I have ever seen. There were hoses, water balloons, water pistols, buckets and around 150 people just going crazy and soaking each other. Then others came with ketchup, flour, sour milk and eggs and just added to the already growing chaos. Have to say though, best day of school ever!
Saturday night was a barbecue which was a fundraiser for 2 of my friends heading around the world for charitable purposes. One is heading to Argentina and the other to Moldova. Again that was a lot of fun and they raised a lot of money for their causes. But enough about all of this, you don't care about my real life at all, all you want to hear about is the games right?

Virtual Life

 Last time I said I was going to play FF13, Soul Reaver, Battlezone and Bad Company 2. I played FF13 and a bunch of other random games...
This week has been primarily composed of Street Fighter 4
 Forget Pikachu, this beast will electrocute you too.
 Forget Pikachu, this beast will electrocute you too.
as you can probably guess from my previous mention that I purchased a Fight Pad especially for it. I had Street Fighter 4 but I barely played it. I was scared to go online because I heard I would just get my ass handed to me and all I knew how to play was Ryu and Ken. So after getting the Fight Pad I started experimenting with other characters and found that I am not too bad with Blanka. Compared to the rest of the world I am absolutely terrible but by my standards I'm happy enough! I headed online with him and found that I can win just over 50% of the ranked matches I play. Needless to say all of the hardcore Street Fighter fans have headed on over to Super Street Fighter 4 so I'm not really getting a true representation of what the online is like. I will however use this opportunity to increase my skills and before long purchase Super Street Fighter 4 and get in with the big boys!
 To give you a rough idea of where I am in skill level for Street Fighter 4, I can fight my way through arcade mode on medium 3 rounds without a bother in the world, until I get to 2nd round of Seth. He completely annihilates me in that 2nd round. I think with practice though I should be able to get to a stage where I can beat him easily and consistently! 
Anyone have any tips for Blanka they could give me? 
I mainly just stay back and roll in whenever they try to attack and electrocute if they get really close.
Next onto... Beyond Good and Evil??? Where on earth did that come from? 
Well... I had it on my shelf and I bought it preowned last year some time and never actually played it. So I started it up and I am really enjoying it! The characters are lovable its a beautiful universe which has been well crafted, it has things for me to collect (pearls) and an interesting story which I want to see through to the end! It however has a few flaws which bother me. I dislike the letterbox view, I feel like I am missing out because it is not filling my entire TV and in places I have found the framerate to dip below general acceptable levels but what else can I expect from an old game I picked up for under £5? I still love it and plan to finish it up this week hopefully and give it a review before long! Speaking of reviews I never got round to reviewing Ape Escape... Another thing to add to the list! 
Now, back to normality with... Deus Ex!?
The list just gets more and more random. I picked this up in that Steam sale a while ago, the one that was mentioned on the Bombcast. It was cheap, I never played it and I cannot resist a bargain... So I started it and oh my... I can see why this game is regarded so highly by some people. The level of depth and detail in the world is astonishing and I love how there are multiple ways to perform each mission. I am not too far in yet so I cannot comment on plot development or anything like that but I can see this is something that is going to take up a good bit of my time and possibly be a contender for multiple playthroughs!
Okay seriously, back to normality with the beast of a game that is Final Fantasy 13. Still working my way through and managed to get everyones summons. I am however struggling severely against a specific enemy and now I have found a boss version of it which is giving me an extremely hard time. It is in the tower in Chapter 11 and it is a Robotic type box thing, which has 2 robot minions. If you kill the minions it summons 5 more and that is game over. If you leave the minions too long they upgrade and can almost one shot your party members. The main boss also hits pretty hard and has a crapload of health which I can only get to about halfway before I die. Right now I am using Fang, Lightning and Hope switching between SEN/COM/MED, SEN/MED/MED, SEN/RAV/RAV to try and get it to stagger and then nuke it with all I have got. Anyone got any suggestions on how to defeat this beast, I have to be doing something wrong and would love any help anyone could muster!
Finally the last thing I have been playing is Team Fortress 2. A Giantbomb member who I'm sure many of you know MRacoon posted a status update about medals in TF2 so I started it up to have a look. I got my Gold medal for playing from launch and I was proud to be wearing it as I blew my enemies to smithereens!
Right before I leave I must say that today I got a nice surprise from a friend of mine. A Starcraft 2 beta key! Hurray! At long last I can have a go at the game I have been waiting impatiently for some time now. Too bad that my download speed is so slow and that in around 8 hours downloading I am still only at 65%! Tomorrow I should get a game or two in though!
WIth that I will leave you! Thanks for reading as always, if you enjoyed it please follow me as I will be posting another blog like this each and every week for as long as I can! There shouldn't be any delays next week unless of course the whole thing freezes again and I lose my entire blog post like yesterday! :(  
Thank you, Cwaff.

The future has been sealed

Real Life

 This week marked the occassion when I replied to my university offers. I have signed up for Computer Science at Queens University Belfast and now there is no going back! Providing I put the work in and get the grades then that is what I shall be doing and my career path is pretty much set. I got the offers at the end of last year but I only replied to them this week. It felt like a big commitment setting them in stone and that's probably why I delayed so much! 
 My Rorschach Mask
 My Rorschach Mask
Today I am heading to an 18th birthday party which is a costume party. The theme is characters from movies so I decided to go as Rorschach from watchmen. My costume was hast ily put together and looks pretty crappy but I guess it does the job! I made the mask myself out of a pair of tights bought from Primark (where the woman at the coun ter gave me the dirtiest look I have ever seen!) It started off okay and then the paint I used started to run and went everywhere over the mask. It looked kinda bad so I went over the edges with white paint to try and fix it up although that ended up making it look so much worse! 
But anyway, it's not important but as long as people know who I am then surely it's all good! I shall post some more pictures of the complete costume later on!
 Last night a lot of fun was had at the beach at midnight, I went out with some friends around 10PM and we stayed out on the beach until after 12AM. It was rather nice and peaceful (apart from all the noise we were making.) We played some football, tossed a rugby ball about and had a few dips in the freezing cold sea! Then we played the intro game from "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" in which 2 people perform the intro of a song without using any lyrics and the others have to guess. Example BELOW!
 Random story time! A few of my friends and I went into Belfast and decided to get some coffee. We headed into Starbucks and my friends made their orders. They both ordered take away Cappucinos. Once the orders were complete a guy hands my friend a mug of coffee and I said "So much for take away..." and we thought they just made a mistake and decided to drink it in the shop. I had a sip of the coffee and my 2 friends also had a sip of the coffee. We then were handed a take away Cappucino and we realised that the coffee we were drinking belonged to the gentleman sitting nearby staring at us. We quickly set the coffee down and ran as fast as we could away from Starbucks abandoning my other friend who was waiting for his Cappucino still! Not a terribly exciting story but it is when you have a dull and boring life like mine!
Still working through Band of Brothers, will give a short review once I finish up all these episodes.

Virtual Life

No Caption Provided
Gaming time has arrived! So this week I have mostly been playing through Ape Escape. In fact I just completed it 100% this morning! There was so much more to it than I remembered as a child. I firstly caught all of the monkeys, caught Specter the last boss and then went back to each stage to collect all the Specter coins. It was only when I had done that and checked my progress that I was only about 80% complete and I realised that I had to go back through every stage and complete each of the time trials! That didn't take so long and then I realised I needed a gold medal in each of the time trials! I really enjoyed playing through it again for a bit of nostalgia but I am really really glad I am done. I felt it was going to go on forever... (Review forthcoming)
Speaking of games which go on forever I am still continuing the never ending quest which is Final Fantasy 13! I am still in that monster of a chapter which is Chapter 11. I did a few side quests around Gran'Pulse for the Cie'th and it had me thinking. L'Cie focuses really vary don't they? The main characters focus's are all extreme adventures, Dajh had to locate Pulse L'Cie and so on and so forth. These Cie'th who have failed just had to kill a monster... a blue blob which I killed in a matter of seconds thanks to a pre-emptive strike. Surely they could have been crystalised easily enough and saved themselves...
Otherwise I'm still trekking onwards, I found a boss today which I don't think I'm meant to fight. It is a huge Juggernaut which one shotted my entire party, there is nothing I can do to not be one shotted at the very beginning so I ended up just walking on past it. I shall continue with this game to the end and continue to post my progress in the many weeks it will take to do so!
I mentioned last week that I bought Prince of Persia while it was cheap and it arrived! I don't have any urge to play it though so it's likely that it will remain in it's plastic wrap for some time. Another purchase I made, which will be the last game I buy for quite some time is Bad Company 2. I did want to get it at some point though was in no rush but my friends all decided to go out and buy it and I gave into the peer pressure and ended up getting myself a copy too. I haven't played a lot of the campaign but I have had quite a few multiplayer games and I have had a lot of fun with it sofar! I've decided to stick with the Engineer class for now and try and level it up as best as I can. One problem I am having, not related to the game, it is just my hardware, is that that my laptop is starting to see its last days. I crash a lot as my graphics card begins to overheat and it is detracting from the whole experience. However, I have been pricing around and believe I can get a fairly decent PC for £500ish if I use my TV as a monitor and make use of the peripherals I already have!
 This weeks purchases for the PC
 This weeks purchases for the PC
While I was out in town yesterday and while I was in HMV they had numerous displays up and I got to play some Super Street Fighter 4 which I was very excited about after watching the Thursday Throwdown thing they did! I won some games, I lost some games and now I have to play some more! Seeing as I can't afford Super at this moment in time I am going to have to get my normal Street Fighter 4 back from my friend and get practicing once more! I also had my first experience with DJ hero which I wasn't playing, I was just observing but I didn't think it looked as fun as Guitar Hero or Rock Band are. Maybe I'm wrong but I think I will stick to my Guitar shaped peripherals for some time to come.
I promised a friend, Petemyster here on Giantbomb that I would play some Battlezone, a Strategy FPS hybrid for Windows 95. Although he will be disappointed to hear I only had time to play the tutorials. Next week I'll have a lot more to report on it! Sofar it seems promising, it doesn't play as badly as I had first anticipated but it is still early days to give a full review of what I think! (Then I have to finish Grim Fandango for him and all will be good with the world)
Here on Giantbomb I've been keeping as active as possible on the site. Posting in the forums when I can, watching the VJ Endurance run which is really entertaining and one of the highlights of my day, I am actually sad when it is the weekend and I have nothing to watch! The SSF4 live coverage was great too and if this continues to happen every week with a new game Thursday could very possibly become one of my favourite days of the week! Although I will still love Mondays. I've been working through the Quest system and I did take part in the quest set to earn a Beta Key for Halo Reach. As you can see, I didn't win. Although I'm not too disappointed! I'm not a huge Halo fan... In fact I would go as far to say as I really really dislike Halo. Although... a Beta key would have been fun! But if I did win I would only have been taking it from a Halo lover and that would not have been fair, I'm sure whoever won deserved it more than I did!
While I'm on the topic of quests... I find myself getting annoyed with the random 2 line blog post people are making just for the achievement. Don't people like to earn their achievements? It's like those achievement grinding servers on Team Fortress 2. I always avoided them because I hated the thought of just getting all the achievements with no work (also like Fallout 3 on the pc, which I own and got 1400ish points in legitimately! I really need to finish of Mothership Zeta). Another thing I don't like here is the threads for people just to gain followers for the quests. I don't know about you but I want to earn my followers, I want to earn them like I earn my achievements!
No Caption Provided

So yes, I have far too many games right now and before I start any more I will finish those which I currently have in my possession! This week I will probably continue playing FF13, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Bad Company 2 for some multiplayer action and Battlezone for a bit of oldish school gaming!  
I think that will do for todays blog post! Thanks for reading as always and leave your comments and questions below because I do love answering them!

New Old Games!

As per usual this blog shall be split into real life and virtual life (the gaming secion, skip ahead to it if that's all you care to read)
Real Life
Back to school for my last few weeks, 6 days remaining and that's school finished forever. As much as I am going to miss it at times, I really cannot wait to get out into the open world. This week saw the end of my seemingly never ending coursework and the beginning of looking forward to the future. Also I headed off to the hospital on Thursday where I had to get an Ultrasound and multiple X rays done to see if they can figure out why I get ill all the time. Nothing showed up so although we are nowhere closer to figuring this out, nothing is seriously wrong which is a plus! 
It was my friends 18th birthday last Saturday and we had an awesome day out in which we climbed to the top of a large hill overlooking beautiful countryside and the sea and had a barbecue. 

Watched the Breakfast Club this morning. Rather interesting movie taking the typical High School Stereotypes and putting them together in detention for a full day and raises the important question at the end whether they will all be friends still on Monday morning. Also another point... I thought that the crazy girl was much more attractive before her makeover rather than after. Maybe that's just me though. 
Another series I have begun to watch is Band of Brothers. A friend has let me borrow his collection. I've only watched one episode sofar and I'll watch another right after I finish this blog post. I can see it turning out to be something special but I don't know whether it will live up to the hype everyone has said. I tend to go in expecting the worst and being surprised rather than going in with high expectations and being disappointed. One observation I have made is that I cannot take David Schwimmer seriously anymore. After Friends I will always see him in that light, no matter how serious he was trying to be in BoB I found myself chuckling at him the whole time.
Virtual Life
At the start of the week I thought I would have a look on Amazon in the used section to see if there were any old games which I love which I don't currently own and could get for a minimal price. I picked up Ape Escape (Loved it as a kid), Metal Gear Solid (My favourite in the series by far) and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. I never played Soul Reaver though I knew of it, so I thought I should pick it up. The games arrived yesterday and they were in perfect condition, I was actually shocked that everything including the manuals and the cases were perfectly in tact. Speaking of cases, Soul Reaver has a particularly awesome case, I love the fake 3d shiny thing they have done which differentiates in from your standard case! (Though I should not judge a book by its cover.)
I popped in Ape Escape this morning and thought I would play through it for a bit of nostalgia. Though I discovered it does not seem to work with the PS3. I can get up to the main menu, skip the cinematic but I cannot select New Game or Load Game. Perhaps this has to have something to do with the controller? As long as it works with my PS2 though I will be happy enough. As long as I get to play it and hear the horrific voice acting I love so much from the European Version!
  Sorry about the horrible quality but all I wanted to show was the voice acting!
After this I threw in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. I have to say I am really enjoying it so far. I'm past the whole this looks like crap stage and am enjoying the game for what it is. I did however have to stop because I got into a rather dark area and due to sunlight on my TV I was unable to find my way forward. I guess I'll have to come back to it when it gets dark. I could have just closes the curtains but it's a lovely day and I didn't want to be THAT GUY.
As well as those 3 Playstation games I ordered the new Prince of Persia for the PC. I borrowed it from a friend a while ago and while I enjoyed it in places I just felt it wasn't up to the standard of the others in the series which I really enjoyed. However... for £5 I couldn't say no! I cannot resist a sale... which is one of the reasons I hate Steam so much! It will have me bankrupt in no time at all!
I'm at the point in FF13 where the game finally opens up and I've taken a short break from it, I should really get back to it soon although I'm afraid it may consume me if I do so! All this freedom and so many sidequests... Will I ever finish this game!? 
That's all for now, if you read all of this you are a hero! If not... well you probably won't be reading this line if you didn't read the rest of it, but you are also a hero for being you.  
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