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A Flawed Gem 0

The game begins with you deciding which race you want to play of which there are 6 and each of them has their own unique playstyle. Tremere - Warlock like vampires who specialise in "Blood Magic". Toreador - Traditional seductive vampire, good for a first playthrough. Nosferatu - Best for advanced players due to their sneaking nature which means they have to use the sewers for transport around cities to avoid unwanted attention. Dancing Malkavian Malkavian - Vampires who have become psychotic, h...

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Far Cry 2 Review 0

Far Cry 2 is a first person shooter set in the open plains of Africa. You play one of 9 characters in your adventure through an amazing and deep world.Graphically Far Cry 2 is simply one of the greatest looking games to ever have been seen by man. The detail is astonishing from the way the sunlight shines through the trees to the extreme facial detail. This is one of the games greatest points and even on the lower to medium details the game still looks amazing. The things that have had a lot of ...

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