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Best NPC's of 2009

they pop up everywhere and can make a bad game worse or a great game better here are my favourites from the games I played last year. 

List items

  • An ever present but never seen bad guy from Arkham Asylum and as much an npc quest giver as any villager with an exclamation mark above their head. One of the many aspects that made AA the game it was.

  • The archetypal strong silent type, willing to leap with faith and take on a yeti barehanded, pulling my but from the fire ten times over.

  • So yeah technically the end of 2008 but close enough to 2009 for me to overlook. lost track of the deaths she saved me from or the banter she caught me up in, while not without her annoying traits she was worth dooming an entire kingdom to save from death.

  • I remember being phoned by my girlfriend to be informed when in her play through of MW2's campaign ghost met an untimely end, she was genuinely upset. his memory lives on every time I plant a claymore.

  • Cool looking Joe Mad art - check, Mark Hamil in creepy voice mode - check, sadistic personality traits - check, everlasting place in my memory of an awesome game - check, cool enough for me to remember this game came out in 2010 and that my list is slowly loosing all focus - er...check.

  • there aren't many people who can pull off using another games protagonist's catchphrase and making it their own and for that alone Mario deserves a place on this list, throw in bad ass facial hair and we have a contender.

  • Well I had a different host being from the UK but I stand behind the choice, one of my favorite past times last year was 1 vs 100 and no quiz can compete without the quiz host.

  • I found Sadie's audio log story more compelling than the ODST's actual story and definitely worth tracking the logs down for. although i think Vergil deserves at least some credit.

  • Everything you would expect a heavy metal loving, rebellion leading, sword wielding, musclebound, tattooed, warrior king to be. Plus did I mention he has a totally bad ass sword

  • Everyone loves a crazy guy, okay well maybe not everyone but I do. When this crazy guy is also going to sell you tools to fight of the horde of zombies knocking at your door as well as rare and exotic mushrooms for your night garden you have to give a man his due.

  • Every hero needs there goto guy and after facing off the evil mime overlord with nothing but a modified garden rake your hero wasn't about to replace their goto guy for the sequel even when the goto guy is a little girl. just imagine Q played by Dakota Fanning.

  • It seems that being a genetically altered former government lab rat on a quest for answers and vengeance against your former employers leaves little time to carry out your own research. Isn't that what family is for. With her punky little hairdo and make up that screams I'm single but okay with it Dana comes through like any sister really should in such a crisis.

  • It's not easy being a non hero/villain in a heroes/villains world, but it can be easy to judge a non hero's/villain's actions in such a world. while some may complain about power and responsibility or being the best they are at what they do at least Zeke is honest, he just wants to look cool and get laid.

  • Okay so you never actually see them in the pixels but you know the midnight riders like you know the very music of your soul. Plus awesome facial hair!