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    The Watcher

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    A servant of the Charred Council assigned to observe War during his trials on the dead Earth, the Watcher may be one of War's allies, but he is definitely not his friend.

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    The Watcher is assigned by the Charred Council to watch over and control War during his campaign on Earth. During the campaign, the Watcher constantly reminds War who is really in charge by performing some magic on War that crushes his heart, threatening to kill him.

    After the battle against the Destroyer is complete, the Watcher divulges the real plans of the Charred Council and prepares to kill War. Through a turn of events, War is freed from the Watcher's control and ends up killing The Watcher by squeezing his head in his fist.

    The Watcher can be summoned by War to provide advice on what to do next, or hear some commentary on events in the game, by holding the back button on the 360 controller. This plays out in the manner of Navi 's advice from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Unfortunately, his advice tends to be even more useless than Navi's; perhaps because of the celebrity voice actor, the Watcher has very few lines, generally having a single vague comment about each major dungeon and boss fight.

    The Watcher is voiced byMark Hamill.

    Physical Characteristics

    The Watcher is somewhat shorter than War in height, and significantly smaller in build; the Watcher is a exceedingly thin. On each hand he has four, long, serpentine fingers. He has no visible mouth, although his jaw does move when he talks. The area where his mouth would be is covered in black skin that stretches when he speaks. For eyes, he has three turquoise ones on each side, for a total of six. There are no pupils or any other eye features; only a narrow turquoise ellipse.

    He has two small black wings coming out of his back. He has chains wrapped around his waist. and dangling off his wrist; almost as if he had once been a prisoner but his shackles still remain on his wrists.

    The Watcher hovers above the ground. His lower torso turns into wisps of smoke that he floats around on. He can appear and disappear on Earth as he wishes.


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