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Shin Megami Tensei II

Abaddon's Core
Abaddon's Core

Abaddon appears as a demon under the control of the Center in Shin Megami Tensei II. He swallows the Valhalla district and everyone in it early on in the game.

After confronting Lucifer in Kether Castle, Aleph and Hiroko are swallowed by Abaddon and sent into the Abyss. While traversing Abaddon's innards they encounter the Madame, former ruler of the Valhalla district. She laments the fate of her people before passing away.

Inside of Abaddon
Inside of Abaddon

Parts of the Valhalla district can be accessed from within the Abyss, and the protagonists meet with Mekata, who had unfortunately been waiting in the area at the time. He explains the purpose of the Messiah project, as well as both Aleph and Hiroko's role in it. Mekata then gives Aleph the MAG Presser, a key item necessary for destroying Abaddon's core, before inevitably passing away as well.

When Aleph finally reaches the center of the Abyss, Abaddon taunts the protagonists, as his true form is stored in another dimension. Aleph uses the MAG presser to bring Abaddon's core into the Abyss and then slays the demon, dispersing the Abyss and returning to reality. He also admits that Michael had promised to return him to his angelic form, on the condition that he swallowed Valhalla, before perishing.

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