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Anonymously Speaking: The Evans Family

Speaking of why I'm glad to have paid $35 to see the words "wiki-history", "subsets" and "hierarchy" being spoken in the context of improvements to the Wiki, here's a list of people pages that somehow were created by someone or as a result of some association with something else, but nobody probably knows or cares exists or remembers why.

I happened to stumble upon these pages when I was looking a for a specific, but non-existent page for Emi Evans a while ago and broadened my search in case it existed as some non-intuitive alias. It seems only fitting that I forgot all about making a spreadsheet in order to better order and index the search results and that nobody else will ever look at this list.

Out of (the) 50 pages for people sharing the last name "Evans" currently in that show up when searching the Wiki, 21 are not associated with any game, person or location thing else, that is 42%.

Of the 29 credited people,

  • 8 (27.59%) were involved in "Testing" or "QA", half of them (50%) has a first name that starts with the letter "J".
  • 4 (13.79%) deserved "Thanks" or even "Special Thanks", of these 2 were credited in the same game.

This list exists to acknowledge the contemporary irrelevance of 21 people, even after perhaps one day the pressing questions: "Who are these people?" and "Who the fuck added them?" can be answered and finally laid to rest.

Yes, as it has already been stated if you find people in the database with zero credits they probably do warrant being in the database but no one has added the games they are credited in. When the site first launched every person that existed in Mobygames' database was in our database. The thing is none of the pages had any games attached to them. The problem is that because adding credits is unintuitive and does not really reward that many points no one does it anymore.

2012.04.30: BONUS content: Because I'm in a particularly passive-aggressive mood today, here are 40 more orphaned Evans (people with the first name "Evan").

2012.05.02: This list has become defunct due to intervention by various diligent people and does not ever need to be looked at again.

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