Bring them to the Virtual Console... part 1.

Is it just me or does the Virtual Console need more big quality releases?  This week, we get some Commodore 64 games which... well, I never owned the system and I know little about its history and library so I can't really comment on that.  Anyway, this year has also been slow-going with Life Force, Kirby's Dream Land 3, and Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse being the biggest releases.  And as I'm browsing this thing called the internet, I see today's release of The Last Ninja might be kind of a big deal.  Not bad, but there are 100s of other games that need to be seen on the VC.

Anyway, I made a list of games I'd like to see make its way onto the Wii to legitimize the Virtual Console once again.  Some of these games will likely never make it on due to licensing, porting to other systems, and that whole Microsoft buying Rare thing, but a man can dream, can he?

And it's a top 30 list.  Today, it's #30 to #25.  Go, list!  Go!

30. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

The Super FX chip was a big deal back in the SNES days and Yoshi's Island utilized the updated Super FX 2 chip, and it's regarded as one of the most beautiful SNES games ever made... despite Baby Mario's ear-splitting crying.  The downside of the Super FX chip might be that it's tough to duplicate on other systems which may explain why none of the games that used the chip are on the VC at the moment.

29. Killer Instinct

Now here's to the impossible.  Killer Instinct was a Rare joint and we all know Rare does Xbox 360 games now.  Oh well, grab your copy of Killer Cuts and just cry in your bubble... like Baby Mario.

In a perfect world, it's always burger time.
In a perfect world, it's always burger time.
28. BurgerTime

Here's to one of the more unusual, yet fun arcade classics.  As an American and a member of the Giant Bomb community, it's a fact that I enjoy the delicious patty/bun combo.  This game takes my love for ground meat and sesame-covered bread to a new level.  Perhaps Peter Pepper is witholding the rights to the game which may explain why it's not out.

27. Dragon Warrior

Remember when Enix didn't have Square on its ass?  Back in 1986, Enix was its own bitch and made good RPGs, their biggest triumph being Dragon Que... wait, I'm in North America.  Make that Dragon Warrior.  I discovered the game when I subscribed to Nintendo Power when they were giving away copies of this game for free.  Crazy as it sounds, Dragon Warrior's role-playing goodness didn't exactly catch on here in America early on, but I enjoyed it enough to beat it a fair number of times.  However, since Square Enix is in the graphical upgrade business, I expect a remake on the Wii or DS for $40 before the 8-bit original for $5.

26. Banjo-Tooie

Another Rare impossibility, but at least Xbox 360 owners will get to snatch more jiggies on their system.  The Banjo-Kazooie franchise was synonymous with the Nintendo 64 and the Rare revolution during that time and Banjo-Tooie picks things up where the original game left off.  Meh, whatever... it's scheduled to be on XBLA in April.  Next.

Nintendo fan service pre-Smash Bros.
Nintendo fan service pre-Smash Bros.
25. Tetris

Oh Jesus, how can I explain this one?  In one way, I can't because Tetris and 400 variations of the puzzler have been made for countless systems (14 according to Giant Bomb) as well as nearly every mobile phone ever made, including my current phone, which has been my current phone for 4 years, believe it or not.  Anyway, the only case I can make for Tetris is if Nintendo ports the NES version complete with all the cameos and rocket launches.  I doubt it would be worth 5 bucks, but neither are any of the more expensive WiiWare puzzlers out there.

Tomorrow, part deux... from #24 to #19.