Highly replayable games.

A list of games that I've beaten multiple times in quick succession. Games so good I actually finished, and on top of that, had to go back for second helpings.

List items

  • Four reasons to replay this one: The good storyline, the evil storyline, an after-completion Hard mode, and the inclusion of a New Game+. I took advantage of all 4 and I loved every second of it.

  • I've beaten this game maybe 20 times. Both the American version and the original famicom Rock Man 2 version on the original hardware. I have a copy of it on my DS and my PSP at all times. Fantastic game.

  • I probably beat this game 4 times. This is one of my favourite games ever. Then again, so are most of the games on this list. Hard mode, collecting 100% of the souls AND 100% of the soul-crafted weapons, and Julius mode.. Plenty of reasons to replay this title.

  • Beaten this game countless times. I even got into speed-running it. I have the SNES cart with all of the save slots completed 100%. I think part of what makes this so replayable is the short length once you master it, personally I had it down to under an hour. It also just has a really chilled out atmosphere and beautiful environments, and it feels rewarding to remember where all the secrets are.

  • Ah, PSO. One never really 'completes' this game, but I levelled multiple characters through the campaign, on the Dreamcast (v1 AND v2), on the Gamecube, and then in the Blue-Burst version on the PC. Episodes 2 and 3 weren't great, but episode 1 is still my favourite MMO ever. And it wasn't even an MMO technically.

  • I beat this game 4 times within 2 weeks of its release. You would probably call that fanatical, I guess that's a sound assumption. The first time through was incredible, but the repeat playings have been almost -more- fun for being streamlined experiences without watching the cutscenes. I can beat this game in under 5 hours, and I've unlocked just about everything, but I know I'll play it through again soon anyway.

  • I can't put my finger on what clicked with me regarding this game, but it clicked pretty hard. Plus there were alternate paths through the lands, and shortcuts to exploit.. Plus it could be beaten very quickly once you knew what you were doing. This is another example of speed-running making a game very replayable for me.

  • Online Co-op. A force to be reckoned with in the realm of game replayability, and Halo 3 has it in a big way. Four player co-op had me and a deluge of friends hooked on playing it through. We played it through normally, we played it through on legendary, we played it through in arcade mode with scoring enabled, we played it through looking for the hidden "skulls" which unlocked new features.. It was more or less the ultimate social gaming power in 2007.

  • Another game with online co-op. Sometimes that's all it takes. I beat this game on the hardest difficulty with three different people on separate playthroughs. It's a simple game, with simple fun, but it delivers it in spades. Finding the COG-tags added a little replayability but I don't think that was ever a deciding factor for replaying it as the skulls were in Halo 3.

  • Sure, I beat the original game on the PlayStation. But when Twin Snakes came along, it gave a game I already loved a whole lot of renewed and brand new appeal to me. The parts I'd previously found tedious in MGS were streamlined, such as the PAL key segment, and now I could beat the game in about 4 hours. On my second and third play-throughs I was using the collectible dog tags as justification, but what really drove me to replaying it though was just how brilliant Metal Gear Solid is.

    As a result, I've now beat this enough that I can probably quote every line of dialogue from it.

  • Once you beat this on Normal and unlock Hard difficulty, you HAVE TO play through all the songs again, It's a totally new game. And it becomes a totally new game all over again when you unlock the hardest difficulty; Cheerleader. A great game.

  • Ok, the original Game Boy Pokemon games weren't naturally replayable, but at the time it was THE game and it introduced an entire generation to the wonderful world of JRPGs. It's still enjoyable to play in the form of Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green for GBA. The game that launched a cultural phenomenon.