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This game has potential... 0

Some games are worth play and reviewing, this is not one of them. I got this game because it came bndled with a new graphics card i got and i really wanted to play it and review it. And I am going to do so to the best of my ability since it DOESN't WORK.StoryBecause of my earlier comment you can tell that i didn't play through much of this game but the story is told in a pretty good and easy to understand sort of way which makes the games a pretty good narrative. When your playing through the ga...

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Halo 2: There but not quite 1

Ok i got Halo 2 because for my birthday i got a $25 gift card, most PC games are at that now so i figured, hey ill get halo 2 and look! you can play people on 360 too!! so i was like, it might not be a bad purchase, here's why i gave it a 3.StoryThis is Probably the only thing Halo 2 has... and lots of it. The story line is kinda of deep and gets you drawn into it and pretty much the only reason why you want to keep playing the game, to find out what happens next. Another thing that keeps the st...

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One of the greatest online FPS Shooters on the PC 0

Counter strike: Source is the follow-up to the popular Counter-Strike 1.6 which was much graphically outdated thanks to it running on the HL1 Engine. Now CS has made its move to the Source engine and players can enjoy the added realistic physics and greatly done lighting. The same "run-and-gun" gameplay still resides with this game to give it it's signature flavor. All-in-all CS:S is pretty much the same game that you came to know and love in the old installment, all of the maps made a comeback ...

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