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Remember Nintendo's E-Reader & Cards?

I was thinking about how it's now the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., and Nintendo is releasing Super Mario All Stars on the Wii Dec. 12th, not to mention special edition red Wii systems and DSIs also. But, anyway, remember back when Super Mario Bros. 3 was remade for the GBA as Super Mario Advance 4 and they had an added feature to the game that if you had one of those E-Reader things and the cards to go with it that you could load new levels and extra power-ups into the games. It was a pretty neat gimmick and somewhat ahead of it's time. So, now with all of the hype with DLC nowadays, and with yet another re-release of the classic SMB games, why doesn't Nintendo just come back out with all those extra levels and stuff that you used to be able to get on those cards, but instead somehow make them DLC that you can get through Wii points. Also, it doesn't have to stop with just these classic Mario games. Just think how awesome new Zelda levels would be that you could just download, or all the great stuff they could do with the juggernaut that is the Pokemon franchise.