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Today is September the Eleventh, 2001. I can only imagine a few people who don't know the significance of the day, but seven years ago my nation was attacked. Almost 3000 people were killed. I will never forget that.

I go to an American school in Brazil. And I honestly thought that there would at least be some kind of message about what today means. There was nothing at all.

Tradition has it that the US flag should be at half-mast from sunrise to sunset on days like today. I knew this but the US flag stood up high at PACA. By second period I was through waiting. I left class, pulled down the flag to half-mast, and prayed for my nation. I told my principal what I did and he asked, "Why?" That's what hit me hardest. I reminded him what today was and then he thanked me.

I just wanted to share that because I'll never forget today.