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Wes's MSN Sports

Hello there!

Time for a bit of fun! Alright, you may or may not have heard of Neg's Urban Sports. If you have good for you, if not.... watch the video found below. Anyway.... I've taken Neg and made him my own. Well, I don't have a nice neighborhood or cameraman, so I decided to unbore myself on MSN. And thus, Wes's MSN Sports was born!

GAME NUMBER 1: Not Much and Don't Run!

This game is easy. All you have to do is find a contact of yours and simply type: "nm, u?" Then, you have to keep them confused for as long as possible. The more lines of confusion, the better your score! I've got a personal best of thirteen!

GAME NUMBER 2: Keep 'Em In!

This one is also simple. When one of your contacts says "gtg" you've to keep him in the conversation. Ask him a question or say something profound! The more lines, the better your score! I haven't kept score for this one because I just changed the rules to amount of lines from amount of times they say goodbye in any shape or form. 

Those are the two I have for now, if you'd like to contribute a sport of your own: please tell me!