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Just copy other places ! No but really...

Ability to customise profiles to an extent. There should be preset options where you can change things like test colour, heading, background. Then you could theme your profile as you like.
It shouldn't let users go to sites where you can create profiles though then copy and paste code and what not. Otherwise it just gets annoying.

Like other people said, a place to put your various online ID's.

Finally, at the risk of copying gamespot, I always thought emblems were pretty nifty.


Answer me this

Do we get points for adding links to wikis? So we're not actually adding content, but just making it so you can click on something on one wiki page, and it takes you to the clicked things own wiki page.


Would anyone else like to see some mods over here?

I know, I know, they're going to ask some people to be mods in the near future. But what about now?
I don't know about anybody else, but the forums are quickly moving towards producing more swear words per sentence than a Quentin Tarantino movie.
I don't mind the ocassionaly swear word if something is really awesome or something, and I really hate how some websites are very harsh with their mods, but ATM, all I'm reading is swearing for the sake of swearing - just because you can. What's the point of that? It's doesn't promote anything, it doesn't contribute to discussions and it gives a very bad impression.
Just my take on it. Maybe I'm (mentally) getting old before I should be. I just remember the good old days when you could hold down a discussion without dropping the F-bomb every 2 lines.
But also, I'd be interested to find out what the rules will be once mods are in place. Will the swearing be kept in, with the mods' job just to authorise wiki submissions? I guess time will tell.


First Impressions

Lookin' Gooood.
As it should be having sat here for 6 hours hitting refresh every 60 seconds. I like how the layout looks. If nothing else, it's different to the pretty generic layout of most gaming websites. I love the 'wiki' layout of the site - being able to just click on something on a game page and go to a page for that thing. Pretty awesome. The site looks a little confusing, but I'm sure it will get familiar with time. And I have plenty of that.
I'm looking forward to

  • Uploading some of my reviews
  • Maybe uploading some old blogs
  • Posting some nonsense on the forums
  • Checking out the hamburger page