My Top Some Amount of Games List of 2017

I did not really play a whole lot of games this year ,let alone beat them. However the games I did play I played a lot of. Like a lot of. I also played some of Wolfenstein II and Mario Odyssey and liked them but barely scratched the surface on them before petering out. That happens a lot, even with games I am enjoying, it takes a lot for me to stick with a game all the way these days. I may get back to them eventually.

Anyway here are my top almost 5 games.

List items

  • By far the game I played the most this year and is no question number one on this list. It was my new Overwatch which was my new Dota 2 which was my new StarCraft 2 which was.. you get the idea. I find one MP game I like and get obsessed with it and play it instead of new games. Thankfully the 367 hours I put into it netted me quite a few chicken dinners. Tasty

  • This is my third favorite Zelda game ever and the best one to come out since Windwaker which used to hold that spot. It was incredibly Zeldaish but at the same time it wasn't. They breathed (ha) a lot of new life into a franchise which had lost its way with the last two iterations. Lets just say I bought a whole console for this game. I actually bought a console just for the next game on this list but Zelda was so good I put that game on hold and played this until I was done.

  • The trials and tribulations of Fredrick Watanabe were a constant part of my life and the lives of the people who live with me for many weeks. I bought a PS4 just for this game and I keep it in the living room. Most of my gaming is done on my PC in my room but for this I played it for all to see. It was pretty much ANIME the game and I like anime a bit. I also like the Persona franchise quite a bit too. I miss stealing hearts with the Phantom Thieves even as I write this. The characters were great, the gameplay was fun and Makato exists. I wish I could unlock powers with pure rage again. Maybe when P5Q comes out.

  • Really this game makes the list because it was the only other game from this year I actually beat. It was good though and a nice return of a franchise I like a lot. I am glad they turned the boat around after 6 which I played for all of like 20 minutes before stopping.