CoD WaW Impressions and Bladder of Steel!

Last week I finished playing through CoD: WaW on veteran first time through, I had to play a couple of levels back through to get the level specific achievements I missed going through. I've barely touched the MP because basicly I think it's crap I've never played a game that takes as little skill as WaW does, I mean I just played a group of 6 french guys most of witch were ranked in the top 100 in the world with about 13 days of playing time and I ended up going 68 and 17 when I only have like 3 weapons unlocked and some of their guys were 9th prestige, thats one thing that annoys me about CoD games these days is the fact you require no skill at all to rank up unlike Halo where you actually have to be good at the game to get the top rank and of course I get an angry message from one of the guys after the game that said "fuk your connection englis and fuk yur keyboard" I understand the connection bit I mean everyone needs an excuse for being crap but I couldn't stop laughing when he tells me to "fuk yur keyboard" it's obviously a mis translation but it's pretty hilarious.

 Anyway enough of that crap time to talk about a real game! Rock Band 2 is probablly my favourite rythm game of all time mainly due to the fact that I have over 300 songs to play and also the fact that the I hate the Guitar Hero engine (it's just way to loose and you end up missing notes because you hit notes that you should have missed Won't make much sense to anyone), I played through the Endless Setlist 2 earlier today and apart from having to sprint to the toilet inbetween 2 songs it was easy, I ended up getting the Bladder of Steel achievement which is for not pausing or failing once in a 84 song setlist. I got about 400 stars out of however many is possible I think it's about 430ish I reckon I could've done a lot better if I didn't save my overdrive for the enirety of the last 5 songs seeing as I didn't want to fail and have to play through a 6 hour setlist again.

I wrote my first guide the other week please check it out and give me feedback even if your not going to use it and thanks to Hamish for reading through the mess that was the collectables section and pointing out most of my spelling errors.

Happy Holidays GB :D


The WaW Beta

I've played the WaW beta for about 6 hours now and I'm already amazing Just kidding it seems everyone I've played against has been completely stupid so going 68-8 really isn't that great. I'm really enjoying the beta so far it's basically CoD4 in WW2 with a few new perks thrown in. I've really only been playing war because it's probably my favourite game mode from any MP game, I was looking forward to playing CTF but the spawns are completely messed up and it just doesn't play well.

The beta has quite a few problems though, people can crawl under the map and just shoot you but you can't see them, tanks are massively overpowered, dogs are annoying as hell, artillery strikes last far too long, the community is all the idiots from CoD4 and CTF is completely broken. But apart from that I'm really enjoying it. I don't know if it will keep me playing as long as CoD4 has and especially with Gears 2 out around the sametime I doubt it will but I'm looking forward to playing the finished game.

Back on the Bomb!

So it's been just over a month since I was last really active on GB, sorry to everyone who's blogs I missed, I'll try my best to go through them all later :P I decided to come back to GB after all activity on GS seems to have dried up these past few months.

Since the last time I blogged on GB I've:

  • Spent far too much money on MS points
  • Made 440 moderations on the image que (Trying to make it easier for those who haven't got to 1000 yet or don't have the ability to cheat their way there like Hamish did)
  • Finally bought TF2
  • Finally played TF2 with Hamish
  • Got back into playing CoD4 competeivley (albeit breifly)
  • Started working on some Wiki edits again
  • Bought Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise!

I'm really enjoying TiP so far it's a definate improvement over the first game and the card system is suprisingly good, I only got it earlier this morning but I've allready got the biggest garden possible and a respectable 110 achievement points. Talking of achievements, since the end of July I've managed to get past 55,000 gamerscore and get up to 22 retail games fully completed with either 1000/1000 or 1250/1250 gamerscore. I've been trying to cram in as much points whoring as possible whilst I have the resources of two rental plans (one is a 90 free trial) But with the mass of awesome games coming up soon I doubt I'll have much time between playing VP: TiP, Fable 2, Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, Gears 2 which for a reson best known to myself I decided to pre-order them all a few days ago.

I've just recently got into PC gaming more than ever, between buying TF2 and playing some C&C: Generals, I've been re-visiting a few PC games that I never quite finished like Crysis, Gears and UT3. I definately need to get a gaming mouse and keyboard as the crappy set-up I have right now makes it pretty hard to play any PC games with any degree of skill. I have never really enjoyed PC gaming a smuch as console gaming and I doub't I ever will but I've really enjoyed playing some TF2 with friends recently which is one of the few games I actually prefer to play on PC than the console version.

I'll try my best to comment on all your blogs but feel free to leave me a comment on my wall or blog if I missed your latest blog :)

There is one word that describes that score....


So I've spent pretty much the entire day playing Geo Wars 2 and I love it (Review coming soon) the new game modes are amazing especially Pacifism which is by far my favourite mainly because it's the only one I'm good at :P At one point my high score in pacifism was only around 1,000,000 which wasn't far of most of my friends list at the time so I tried to get to the top of the leaderboard on my friends list for Pacifism as I thought it would be the easiest which it turned out to be. I managed just to scrape past Caddy's score but I wanted to try and put some distance between me and the rest of my friends list and I ended up getting to around 10,000,000 which I thought was amazing at the time, so I carried on trying to beat my score and I got to about 30,000,000 and then I couldn't beat it any more, I had one last go and for some reason I completely destroyed my high score, I got just over 110,000,000 which put me about 50th in the world. The only problem is now I have a really bad headache from concentrating so hard.



COD4: Modern Warfare
COD4: Modern Warfare
I reached 1000 points overnight, so now I can make live edits. Being able to make live edits makes the site a much better place, I don't have to wait 5 days any more for my submissions to be looked at by a mod so now I won't have the problem of wasting time on edits that have already been submitted .So far I've edited the shit out of the CoD4 page, I've added a list of almost every Pinata and I've added every 360 achievement on the Orange Box page so please check them out. They are the pieces of work that took me the longest especially the orange box achievements but luckily a friend of mine had them all so I just used his profile instead of copying and pasting them from a different site. I'll start doing better more gaming related blogs once I've finished working on the CoD4 page which will probably be sometime next year at this rate.

Why I'm pissed off with Giant Bomb

So one of my submissions for GH:WT just got rejected because if it were approved it would remove a massive amount from the page due to how long it's taken for somebody to either approve or reject it. But one mod or member of staff was more than happy to approve a submission that got rid of a crap load of work I'd done on the CoD4 page. I don't know if I can be arsed with spending hours editing a page only for someone to get rid of it. I've tried PMing mods and members of staff but I haven't had a single reply yet :(


The one thing that annoys me on Giant Bomb

It seems that unless I stay up until about 3am when the staff and mods are actually online and approving submissions that anything I submit just seems to be lost and some of my work I don't think will ever get approved or rejected. Hopefully once they find a few more mods this won't be an issue any more.


Right Hand of God

For the first time in moths last week I decided to play GH3 to see if I could beat expert, I gave up bothering a while ago when I got to the 7th set, I don't know why, maybe I've improved but apart from Raining Blood I beat every song that I had yet to complete first try which is surprising given my lack of general rhythm. It took me about 30 mins to beat raining blood because I couldn't get past Mosh 1 but eventually I got past Mosh 1 and the rest of the song is fairly easy. Then all I had to do was beat Lou which I somehow did first time :). Seeing as I'd beat Raining Blood I decided to try Green Grass & High Tides again on Rock Band and I almost beat it until i failed at 96% which lead to my guitar getting thrown accross my room and a lot of swearing, I'll probably beat it one day but I just can't e bothered.

Congrats to Hamish who has just been made a mod on GB  I'm sure he'll do a great job. I'm going to go back to subbmiting stuff to get up to that 1000 point mark


I'm Famous?

Not really but my avatar is on the picture for the latest bombcast (Bottom right if you haven't seen it). I've spent most of the day submitting images and writing some fairly substantial pieces for CoD4 that will hopefully get accepted soon. Once everything I've submitted so far gets through I should be close to that 1000 point mark and I'll be able to do live edits soon :)

I suppose I should actually talk about some games on this blog but I can't be bothered :P I'll do my first proper blog tomorrow.

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