My most anticipated games of 2015

Games I'm really looking forward to in the year 2015. Not in any particular order.

List items

  • Namco recently confirmed that, not only is this game coming stateside, but that it would also be releasing on PC via Steam. Considering I still power on my PS3 to play the first Pirate Warriors, I'm going to pour a stupid amount of hours into this one for sure.

  • I played the demo on PS3. The controls are awkward, the graphics are shit, (except the monsters, which look fantastic) and the mission objectives are really repetitive.

    It's also the most authentic Godzilla game ever created and I can't fucking wait. Also my most compelling reason to buy a PS4.

  • I'm pretty on the fence on this based off what I've seen. The trailers make it look amazing but the actual gameplay looks... not great. I've heard from people who got in the very selective beta it's actually a lot of fun, though. Really looking forward to seeing what I can make in the character creation.

    Also, first DBZ game on Steam!

  • I'm actually kind of concerned about this game. It only begun full development around e3 (So June of 2014) and they're dead set on shipping it sometime next year. Plus, Miyamoto was really focused on the idea of making the game heavily utilize the gamepad... which doesn't exactly thrill me.

    Regardless, I like Star Fox, so maybe if I'm not dead broke and it starts shaping up a little nicer I'll get it.

  • Hopefully the actual world in the game is more active and lively. Otherwise it looks great, though I have my doubts of it releasing next year.

  • Alan Wake was one of my biggest surprises and favorite games on the 360. Hoping Quantum Break can live up to that.

  • Loved Asylum and City. Probably going to love this as well.

  • I didn't give a shit about this when it was first announced, but now that Super Mario World assets are in? DAY CLUCKING ONE.

  • To be honest I thought this game looked boring at e3, but I'm still interested in it.

  • Not sure I'm feeling the gameplay based off the demos they've shown, but I really like some of the designs for the creatures and world.

  • I've heard lots of mixed things about this game. Some say it's flawed but really damn fun, while others say it's flawed and total shit. There's not a chance in hell I'm not going to find out for myself.

    Also really hoping Namco is able to keep as much of the roster intact as possible.

    Seriously though, we should all marvel at how this is getting localized.

  • I only recently played the first game, and I think it's a lot of fun. Probably gonna play this one too.