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Promised the ultimate experience, but falls short 0

The Star Wars universe is one of the most expansive in modern fiction and allows for the creation of games that explore the initial success of the films. The lucrative franchise has given birth to some of the most impressive games but also shows how such a popular entity can be misrepresented and misconstrued.  From its initial announcement, The Force Unleashed has been advertized as the ultimate Star Wars experience. An experience which will not only let the player control Darth Vader’s omnipo...

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An Unforgettable Game 0

Despite the title of Metal Gear Solid, Snake Eater is a very different game than previous installments in the series. After Metal Gear Solid 2 received criticism for its complex story, Kojima Productions created a narrative that was more fluid, yet includes the great plot twists that we have come to expect from the series. While the player does not control the namesake character of the series, Solid Snake, we are put in control of an close-to-complete carbon copy. It will be easy for those who h...

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A Return to Form, While Reinvigorating the Classic Franchise 0

Some people cried foul after the Wii launched without a Mario game. However, after the mediocre reception Super Mario Sunshine received, Shigeru Miyamoto and the team at Nintendo promised to reinvigorate the franchise. Luckily, Nintendo has kept its promise and brought a new Mario game that is completely fresh---whether it be control scheme, musical score or artistic design. The game keeps with the traditional Mario game structure while the change of setting allows for an unprecedented imaginati...

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