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Agent Tethers, You've Done It Again. 0

Mirror post of my on-site review.Puzzle Agent 2, Telltale Games' sequel to its well-received Puzzle Agent, released last year, is an extended and entertaining continuation of the first game's story and gameplay. While it doesn't do a ton of new and exciting things with the formula, it continues where the first left off with a wildly entertaining storyline, some great mind-boggling puzzles, and an overarching mystery that will keep you going "Huh...What?!" until the end. It also improves on a han...

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Finally, An Enjoyable Trading Card Video Games 0

Mirror post of my on-site review.Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, the sequel to the 2009 downloadable game of the same name, is a Magic: The Gathering-based game that allows players to play with pre-built virtual decks in order to duel their friends and progress through three campaigns, each more difficult than the last. The original game was met with generally positive reception, despite getting plenty of complaints for the complete lack of deck building. Does this sequel pan out to be a better...

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An Awesome Deviation From Telltale's Usual Wheelhouse 0

Mirror post from my on-site review.Puzzle Agent, the hybrid puzzle adventure game from Telltale Games, marked a new attempt at something unique from the point-and-click adventure specialists. Borrowing a gameplay style not unlike the Professor Layton series, and featuring the artistic style of Graham Annable, this title from Telltale does some interesting things to the already-unique genre. Billing itself as a lighthearted faux-investigative horror thriller, it seeks to differentiate itself from...

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An Amazing High-Quality Time-Waster 0

Mirrored post from my on-website review.Solar 2, a new and interesting space-sim look-alike from developer Murudai, blends the feel of open space sims with shoot-em-up style gameplay and movement, to make a truly unique game. While it only gets deep enough to become a glorious time-wasting game, it seems like the type of thing that would translate well to other mediums, despite its current PC exclusivity.Solar 2 starts you out in an endless universe. Not as a spaceship, not as a god beckoning pl...

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A Subtle Steal, With Adequate Results 0

Terraria is a new game that was suddenly released, with little fanfare, by developer Re-Logic on May 16. It was anticipated for quite some time as a sort of 2D parallel to Minecraft, being directly cited as a reference and taking several game elements into scope. It’s an open world 2D platformer, with worldbuilding themes and an oddly RPG flair. It seems like it came out of nowhere in the gaming world, and it has taken a lot of websites by storm, becoming the major flavor of the month for many ...

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A Solid Game, Riddled With Bullet Holes 0

Brink is a new teamplay objective oriented first person shooter from Enemy Territory developer, Splash Damage. It is a game that promised to blur the lines between singleplayer, multiplayer, and cooperative gameplay, and does a well enough job delivering on these fronts. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t end up doing any of them particularly well, making for a somewhat middling experience at times. It is a game with great potential (and plenty of fun despite many issues) that is stunted by poor...

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An Excellent Idea, Distilled Into Awful Execution 2

 Garshasp: The Monster Slayer  is a third-person action-adventure hack-and-slash developed by developer Dead Mage . It’s an indie PC answer to many console-centered games of a similar genre and gameplay style, and it is a very noble effort to mimic what many high-budget games accomplish. It is an excellent first try from an up-and-coming studio, but it also manages to fall short on several key aspects. These key aspects, unfortunately, mortally handicap what could have been a moderately enjoyabl...

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Now You're Thinking. 0

Portal has become a household name in gaming, the first iteration being nothing more than an experiment which became a phenomenon that Valve, and the student developers of Narbacular Drop, could never have predicted. Portals, cakes, and science (because we can) quickly became the memes of the year and beyond as Portal permeated gaming culture in a profound way. Valve was pleased with this, and set to work quickly on a sequel, promising a lot more than a small experimental game with its second co...

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An Excellent Reminder of Classic Puzzle Fare 0

I have always been a huge puzzle game fan, and a fan of quirky titles. The now-defunct Incredible Machine series was my go-to for crazy puzzle games with sandbox-style gameplay. With this in mind, I may be a little skewed towards automatically liking a game such as Crazy Machines 2. Despite this, I have never played the original Crazy Machines or its pseudo-sequel 1.5, and I do feel that the genre has a lot of things that can be done wrong. Luckily, Crazy Machines 2 doesn't hit too far from the ...

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A Great Idea, Riddled With Problems 3

Dungeons is a new dungeon management simulation game from developer Realmforge Studios, which puts a small spin on the tried-and-true Dungeon Keeper rhetoric. Instead of having to care for a large portion of minions while trying to keep heroes out of your hair, you are instead expected to entertain the heroes in question, luring them into your dungeon, getting them fat and happy with soul energy, the game's main currency, and then striking them down or imprisoning them to drain that energy out o...

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Diablo-Like With MAGICK! 0

Imagine if you were in a mystical world, a world of magic, sorcery, monsters, kings, knights, not vampires, and... an M60 machine gun? Magicka is a quirky homage to both Diablo styled RPGs as well as numerous internet memes, jokes, and references, all piled into a fun little walkabout. The game opens with you (and your colleagues, should you be playing co-op) sitting at your desk asleep, while your mentor, Vlad (certainly not a vampire, at his behest) tells you what your mission over the course...

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A Great Console Game Masterfully Ported 0

Monday Night Combat is a third-person team-based shooter created by Uber Entertainment, previously released on Xbox Live Marketplace. Being a straight up console-to-PC port job, many believed that the transition would be harsh, but Uber has made sure those fears would be put to rest. Everything just comes together so well, making this an easy game to recommend.Gameplay is very interesting, combining a team-based attack/defense game with a slight strategy element. Each team is given computer-cont...

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An oddly enticing game with great payoff. 0

I had heard a lot about Shadow Complex by the time I had bought my second Xbox 360. I had not really played many downloadable titles, but I knew I had a "thing" for side scrolling action platformers, and knew that it would be a worthy purchase alongside Super Meat Boy. I didn't have great hopes for it, although in hindsight I'm not sure why, it really embodied a lot of things I enjoy about the infamous "Metroidvania" phenomenon. I was pleasantly surprised by a great game with a solid story and b...

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BioShock in SOVIET RUSSIA?! Actually a good idea! 0

Singularity starts somewhat oddly, seeming like a very hum-drum run-of-the-mill first person shooter, using a similar (if not the same) engine from BioShock. The game starts out with a "routine" fly-in of a huge island, with reports that odd happenings that have been showing some serious.... well, science-readings of some sort. You and Nolan North are stoking each other up about the odd reconnaissance mission you've both been sent on, setting up a little exposition to why you are headed there. Y...

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A Very Surprising P&C Adventure Game. 0

Full Pipe, a very small, under-the-radar game by "PipeStudio" (or so called by the Steam information on the game), is a very interesting take on point-and-click adventure games.The game starts with a small spectacled man with a snail-like rear end (that for some reason has a Matrix-esque port on the back of it) tossing and turning in bed. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an odd appendage of some sort nabs one of his two slippers, pulling it into whatever netherworld it slithered out from. Thus starts t...

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