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Diablo III: Eternal Collection Review on Switch - Pocket Demons

Since the announcement of Diablo III on the Nintendo Switch hybrid console, the gaming community has been on fire. Even in spite of the fact that the third part, which is no longer new, has been released on almost all possible platforms. And yet ... almost endless Diablo anywhere sounds very appealing. But did you manage to port the last part of the series without losing anything along the way?

I will not torment: in fact, the very first moments after switching on make it clear that yes, the port was a success. You are involuntarily amazed at how smoothly everything works and how quickly the game loads. Then you have to calm yourself down: you somehow forget that the game is six years old! Yes, time flies by, but you can't take away the fact that Diablo III still looks good.

Probably, it makes little sense to describe all the delights of Diablo III. If by this moment you have not yet had time to try this Blizzard creation, then, probably, it does not particularly appeal to you. Over the years since its release, the game has constantly changed and evolved, discarding elements that we did not like and adding more and more content. These are the realities of modern gaming: it is simply impossible to compare Diablo III when it was released and Diablo III: Eternal Collection - the latter seems to be the final release against the background of the beta version. And then think whether it is good or bad.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection is another high-profile reissue that includes previous additions. Remember Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition? Well, this Eternal edition is better as it combines the original game, Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer.

Of course, few people will play Diablo III for the sake of history, which is essentially for show. Don't worry if you're a beginner - more often than not, we all tend to click past dialog boxes as quickly as possible. The task is always the same: go there and kill someone. Monotony and monotony - almost always negative things - are the main advantage here. This is the standard of the game for turning off the head - you start it up and move to another world, where the number of enemies is in the thousands, and where all actions are so familiar that you can go through endless dungeons with your eyes closed. It seems to be a completely elementary formula, but sometimes you just want to relax and kill a dozen or two zombies. Add to this formula the most convenient co-op couch multiplayer, and Diablo III turns into the best alternative to co-op drinking - why poison yourself when you can spend hours of lobotomized fun in front of the TV screen?

Note that there is an opportunity for veterans to avoid a lengthy plot, since Adventure Mode is open from the very beginning. But alas, no cross-platform saves.

In the case of Diablo III: Eternal Collection on Switch, we're talking about the console version that came out back on the PS3. Purists, don’t wrinkle your nose - the times when it seemed that this franchise was originally computerized have already been forgotten: after numerous modifications of the gameplay, Diablo seems completely "our own" on any platform, and it is a pleasure to operate it. Therefore, the studio, which transferred the game to Switch, did not have to try too much: the hardware did not cause any problems, and the problem was solved with the control. However, it is still worth praising Blizzard and Iron Galaxy for the fact that they were able to make the controls even more compact so that it was possible to play on one Joy-Con. This method cannot be called convenient - there are not enough buttons, and the form factor is not very good - however, the fact that you can invite anyone to the game at any time really pleases. Someone might say - "a trifle", but these are the details that turn the port into a truly portable game that does not require any additional accessories.

Technically, the port has turned out to be excellent - perhaps the best of all recent ports, even considering the age of the game. No “soap” in portable or TV modes, no particularly heavy casualties. In portable mode, the picture pleases with clear 720p, and in TV mode - 960p. Of course, no shocks, especially when compared with PS4 or modern computers, but no one will buy the Switch version in order to measure pixels.