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Don't pull...squeeze the trigger (brake). 1

After making it’s debut on the Xbox a little over two years ago, Forza Motorsport is back on the Xbox 360 and it doesn’t disappoint. Forza Motorsport 2 takes what was great about it’s predecessor and enhances it, making this game a joy to play for racing-sim fans and arcade-style racing fans alike. It’s even great for someone who doesn’t play racing games very often. Strong Points: Driving feels excellent and realistic. Presentation is seamless. Xbox Live integration is wonderful. Customizatio...

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You'll feel weird playing this by yourself. 0

Warioware: Smooth Moves is one of the only games that you can finish playing and say “what in the world just happened?”, yet simultaneously feel completely satisfied in the experience. Strong Points: Game play is frantic, well-varied, and absolutely satisfying with the Wii Remote. The visual style and sound alone are enough to make you laugh. Acceptable and replay values. A game that can keep you coming back time after time and can still keep you guessing. Fall-backs: Single player story mode ...

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