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Best of 2010

Deusx: Best of 2010

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  • Nothing more to say... If you played this and it is not on your top 10 then god have mercy on your soul.

  • Amazing space opera, can't wait for the third one.

  • The best rts ever made. Need I say more?

  • Amazing indie game made with a lot of heart.

  • I've haven't finished this one but so far it was a great experience.

  • Great story and tense direction.

  • You may think aww but this one was from last year... well yes but no. I think they made some great additions and you cannot overlook the fact that this is one (if not the best) fighting game ever made.

  • Amazing game. Maybe not as good as the first one but a game that succeds at bringing a suspenfull story and great action.

  • Yes my friends hate me for this one but I had a great time playin this one. It's so over the top that you cannot avoid enjoying the game.

  • Yes, bad story and filled with little things that annoy the hell out of us but I had soooooooo much fun playin this... It was just amazing the time I spent roaming through the jungle.