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Playing old JRPGs(for my sanity). 10/9/2014

So I am of the age where a bunch of cool shit came out when I was a kid but I didn't know about it so I am thinking about going back and playing old JRPGs that I either missed out on or never finished.

Last night I bought Final Fantasy Origins on PSN which contains FF1 and FF2. I also bought Dragon Quest 1 on Android.

Mostly messing with FF first and playing DQ when I'm laying in bed or whatever. But I hope to play though the first games of some major franchises.

You're probably thinking I'm crazy by now but after grinding destiny and just dealing with modern games in general its kind of relaxing to play an old ass JRPG. Basically playing these old JRPGs is going to be my palate cleanser for when I get burned out on modern games. Not sure how far ill get or if ill keep writing these blogs but I thought its been awhile since I wrote anything so why not.

FF1, The first hours:

Ok first off I have played FF1 before but it was probably on an emulator or something and I was young and didn't really understand how JRPGs worked so I think I ended up getting confused and giving up after beating garland. I think I never found the boat and just wandered around the overworld until I got bored. Anyway I just got the boat and now I am sailing around trying to figure out where to go next. I think I have to go south.

I'm curious to see how far Ill get. If I can even finish FF1. I'm not in a hurry since I'm only doing this when I get burned out on modern games. Hopefully I wont get too lost when I go a week+ without playing.