Best of 2010

DevWil: Best of 2010 
I haven't finished all of these games; I had a busy 2010 that didn't include a lot of new releases.  Also, I have Bayonetta waiting to be played, but I won't get to it before 2011.  I'm playing Red Dead Redemption, but I've yet to be sold on anything but its aesthetic and setting.  It just feels too GTA-y to me.

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  • Easy pick. Only disappointing parts of it were how the achievements negatively influenced my ability to really role-play and the movement away from the first game's RPG mechanics. Note to RPG developers: don't let your metagame influence players' experiences like Mass Effect's.

  • $5, engaging, beautiful, and most of the profits go to charity.

  • Maybe if I'd ever played River City Ransom I wouldn't like this game quite as much. However, this game is much truer to the comics (which I adore) than the film (which I found offensively bad). The soundtrack is awesome, the gameplay is tight, and the graphics are delightful.

  • Probably the game I played the most this year. Can't not include it. A really impressive entry in an impressive franchise that represents my favorite sport.

  • Funny, fun, and a really good timewaster for iOS.

  • Very unique and amazing if only for its minimalistic style, both in its aesthetic and its narrative (which I'm still not sure how to interpret).

  • I didn't finish it, but it's got some really interesting mechanics and the story seemed good. However, there's a ton of grinding to do, which is a big part of why it remains unfinished. Also, I doubt I'll ever go back to it because of its lack of a quest log or anything of that sort.

  • See review here:

  • Beautiful.

  • Deserves a mention for its aesthetic, but the game's second half is really a bummer. It goes from being a unique, gritty, intense crime story to being a pretty typical and anticlimactic shooter. Once you are in the helicopter, you might as well stop playing if not for achievements. The game takes such a downturn at that exact moment to the point that it feels like a much different, much more ordinary game.