BonusEXP podcast #5 / 6000th post extravaganza!

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As promised, BonusEXP podcast #5 is ready for your listening enjoyment.

Ways to listen :
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This week we discuss a little more Halo Reach beta, Mass Effect 2, and Picross 3D.  Also discussed are Darksiders, Clive Barker's Jericho, Tropico 3, and the Xbox Indie game Mamotte Knight.  As a bonus experience, we also have a bit of movie discussion.  You can see that as a tribute to the opening of if you like.

As usual we discuss and debate all the gaming news of the previous week and we pull some questions from Giant Bomb's forums and/or other sources.  Remember, if you want your questions read out on the cast, email!  Please, we'd love to be able to take more questions from the GB community directly, so don't hesitate!

As far as the site itself, this week I put up my review of Picross 3D.  We'll probably make a video of Red Dead Redemption, and possibly Alan Wake this week, so stay tuned.
Please do comment here, on BonusEXP, or email us so that we may better serve you, the listeners.  As usual we'll be back next week with more podcast goodness, our piping-hot impressions of Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, and the latest in gaming news.